Lost civilizations have always fascinated us. The reason behind an entire city submerging under the sea has always puzzled us. Histories of some of the cities is well known, but others remain shrouded in mystery. Although, Atlantis, the most famous underwater city is a myth (0r is it really?), there are several cities and civilizations across the world that now lie beneath the waves.  The haunting remains of these cities have been recorded and documented by archaeologists to unravel some of the mysteries. Here is list of some of the lost underwater cities of the world and we start our list with Dwarka. Also Read - We Have Named Her 'Priyanka Twitter Vadra': UP Deputy CM's Jibe at Congress Leader

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 1. Dwarka, India


Photograph Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

If you are an Indian, chances are that you must have heard about Dwarka, which is often referred to as the ancient kingdom of Krishna and Gujarat’s first capital. Archaeological survey of India performed investigations at Dwarka and the gulf of Khambhat, which is an inlet of the Arabian Sea. The scientist found submerged settlements, stone anchors, a stone-built jetty and other artefacts, which indicated that the lost Indian city could be the world’s oldest city, older than Mesopotamia and Harappa. The once-thriving city was probably destroyed by coastal erosion. Also Read - 11 Tremors in 3 Months Not Enough? Major Earthquake Likely to Hit Delhi-NCR Soon, Experts Predict Severe Destruction

2. Shicheng, China

AncientcityQian Dao Lake

Photograph Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Hidden under 130 feet of water in China is the Atlantis of the East. The submerged city , called Lion City, has a maze of roads, memorial arches, temples and houses. Founded over 1300 years ago, the city belonged to Qing and Ming dynasty. The city has been under the turquoise blue water for 53 years.

3. Pavlopetri, Greece


Photograph Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

5000 years ago, an ancient city submerged into the waters near the Peloponnesus region of Greece. It is said to be the world’s oldest known submerged city. The city lies around four meters underwater and was discovered in 1967. The ruins include well-planned roads, gardens, temples, water management system, two storey houses, water pipes and cemetery. Nobody knows the name of the city or who built it.

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4. Tyno Helig, UK

The kingdom of north-west Wales, Tyno Helig is also one of the submerged cities in the world. As per legends, a daughter of a lord and a common man fell in love. To marry the lord’s daughter, the man stole a gold collar from a nobleman after killing him. The gold collar was presented by the man to the lord and told him that it was won in a fair fight. The common man married the lord’s daughter and on their wedding night, they were cursed by the ghost of the nobleman. Generations later, the curse came true and the castle where the couple lived was gulped down by the sea.

5. Willow Grove, USA

The town of Willow Grove was once a thriving place and everything from churches to schools to shops . However, most of the men in the town went to the frontier and died during the World War. Later, the town got flooded and now it lies at the bottom of the Dale Hollow Lake.

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6. Pre-Incan Ruins, Bolivia


Photograph Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

The Lake Titicaca is a mysterious lake considered sacred by locals. And at the bottom of the lake is another mystery. Roads, temples and terraces more than 1500 years old lie hidden in this lake.  As per Incas lore, the city was known as Wanaku and was used as a depository by Spanish Kings for their stolen treasures. Though the treasures were lost in time, the artefacts like bones, vessels and stone statues were recovered by divers.

7. Atlit-Yam, Israel


Photograph Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Carmel coast is home to several Neolithic settlements called the Atlit-Yam. You can still see the remnants of roads and houses at this site, which was built around 8000 years ago. A sudden Tsunami triggered by a volcanic eruption wiped out the entire city. Others believe that the people of the city were killed by an epidemic before it was flooded.

8. Baiae, Italy


Photograph Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

This ancient city of Rome was a popular vacation destination for the world’s rich people. Baiae had many hot springs. However, the water started rising and ultimately engulfed the entire city. You can see the hauntingly beautiful ruins, including the Pisonian Villa in Baiae.

9. Canudos, Brazil


Photograph courtesy: A. Duarte/Creative Commons

Canudos is a small town in Brazil with a rich history. A dam was built in the town to help during the times of draught but it ended up flooding the place. Today, the town lies at the bottom of the lake.

10. Doggerland, North Sea

Home to Mesolithic tribe in the ancient time, the Doggerland in North Sea was a land connecting London to Europe. Hunters and fishermen lived on this land until the sea level started increasing. A large portion of the land was then gulped down by the sea.


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