Let’s face it. We’ve all been there. Waiting for hours and hours at the airport for our flight can be quite annoying. And yet, it happens more frequently than one would imagine. Today, the number of airlines, travelers, flights have all gone up leading to more air traffic and frequent delays in several flights. This means that every now and then, you are stuck up at the airport waiting for your flight. While it may be fine once in a while, it gets really frustrating if you are a frequent flier and have to wait often. What does one do in such situations? Travel search company Skyscanner has a few suggestions you can try out! (ALSO SEE 5 hottest airline brand ambassadors in the world) Also Read - 11 Tremors in 3 Months Not Enough? Major Earthquake Likely to Hit Delhi-NCR Soon, Experts Predict Severe Destruction

Work out or meditate

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Several airports now have gyms and yoga rooms for their passengers. There can be nothing better than a few hours of performing iron-pumping workouts or the various asanas of yoga. You can also choose to just meditate which serves as a great exercise for your mind and soul. Also Read - AYUSH Kavach App Offers Home-Based Treatment, Users Can Call And Consult Ayurveda-Unani-Homeopathy Experts Through it

Catch a movie


Yes, there are several airports with in-house movie screenings which often play classics. Watching one of these movies at the airport can be a great way to while away the time you have on your hands.

Get some sound sleep


What can be better than catching up on some sleep while waiting for your flight? There are several airports which have comfortable lounges and great sleeping facilities. For example, sleep pods are available at Terminal 2 of Helsinki Airport in Finland. Even without these amenities, as long as you can find a comfortable chair and some quiet, you will be able to sleep like a baby. Don’t forget to set an alarm for yourself though.

Gallery viewing


Several airports all across the globe have set up lovely art galleries in their space. If you are an art lover and love visiting galleries gazing at fine works of art while your mind transports you to a different place, you can spend hours at these airport art galleries. CHECK OUT 10 airline secrets air-hostesses don’t ever tell you!



It shouldn’t be surprising that shopping is the favorite activity of people waiting at the airport for their next flight. No wonder there are such a large number of boutiques and shops at most of the popular airports. Add to it the lure of duty free products and what you have is an irresistible activity.

Have a scrumptious meal


Airports have become like shopping and food malls in that they are are usually home to some popular restaurants offering great food. Depending upon your budget, you can choose to have a delicious meal at one of these restaurants. If you are full, it also helps you avoid the on-flight food which usually doesn’t taste great.

Play a musical instrument


Everybody loves music as long as it’s not disturbing. If you can play an instrument well and have a good voice, performing a couple of soft numbers can be a great way to spend some time at the airport. If you are surrounded by people who like this kind of stuff and want o join in without making it too loud, it can be a nice, pleasant jam session. However, be advised that if it gets noisy, security might stop you from playing.

Make a new friend over a drink


You will almost always find a nice bar at the airport where you can get a drink of your choice and meet other people waiting for their flights. It may be a great place to meet someone new and start a new friendship. After all, it is all part of the travel experience, isn’t it?

Relax with a massage


If your airport has a spa, you are in great luck. Nothing relaxes a tired body more than a massage. You can go for a spa and sauna session that will rejuvenate your senses before you head to your destination.

Read a book


The classic. If you are a frequent flier and are used to waiting at airports a lot, then reading is the best habit you should imbibe in yourself. The more you read, the more your mind expands and makes room for even more. You will fall in love with the worlds that these books introduce you to and one day, you will start enjoying the wait at the airport because it would mean you get more time to read. NOW SEE World’s best airlines for 2017 announced!

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