Aerial photography is one of the best things to happen in the world of visual imagery. And with drones and high-end cameras to make the picture look spectacular, the results are just mind blowing. SkyPixel and its photographers have shot some of the best photos of natural elements interspersed with man or man-made things. From frozen forests to hot deserts, these photos will certainly leave you awestruck. Admire nature’s vivid colors and notice how tiny man is in the bigger scheme of things. Not just breathtaking, these photos show us how insignificant we are and how vast nature really is! These 11 photos of nature and man are visual proof to this truth. Also Read - Karnataka Revises COVID-19 Guidelines For Home Isolation - Here Are The New Rules

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1. The Road by Michal Tomczak

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2. Randy in kayak with whale by Randy Jay Braun

Randy in Kayak with Whale

3. Maldives in 4K by Patrice Gaucher

Maldives in 4k

4. Frozen forest and the road by Valera Dro

Frozen Forest and the Road

5. Surfer by Ken Chan


6. Sand Dredger Moreton by Piotr Parzybok

Sand Dredger Moreton1

7. Barren by Naser Alomari


 8. Fishermen at work fuadariff

Fishermen at work

9. Fishermen at work 2 by fuadariff

Fishermen at work2

10. Reef exploration by Anders Carlson

Reef Exploration

11. Granville Island boats by Mark Calayag

Granville Island boats


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