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Mumbai is one of those cities in the world that says oodles about itself to anyone who visits or wishes to visit it. No matter where you come from and no matter how long you’re here for, Mumbai will become a dear friend of yours whom you share yourself with, fight with, get mad at, make-up with and unwind with, just as you do with a friend. So here are a few reasons as to why Mumbai is the best city ever! Also Read - Pani Puri Lovers, Here Are 10 Places in Mumbai You Should Definitely Visit

1. No matter what anyone says Bombay rains are the best

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2. Mumbai locals are crowded, overcrowded even, but a true Mumbaikar can’t imagine a day without it

local trains

3. Rickshaw drivers don’t usually dupe! Some of them engage in great conversations and most of them are helpful


4. Nobody cares if you’re from Badlapur or Bandra. If you’re in need, people help!


5. It basks in the glory of a zillion ironies, from the most expensive house in the world to the largest slum in the nation


6. Everyone is just rich enough for a piping hot cuppa tea and vada pav

1 Mumbai

7. High Street and Avant-Garde fashion are available on the famous street shopping markets


8. No, a girl in this city is not unsafe post-sunset


9. People don’t judge. Everyone is too involved in their own lives


10. Bollywood is and will always be something no other part of the country will ever be home to


11. Marine Drive is synonymous to “Me time”, “Time with the Bae”, “I need to look the sunset time” or even “Lets chill with friends time”

Mumbai (2)

12. You won’t go home hungry even at the wee hours of the day. There will be a dosa wala or a bhurji wala somewhere for sure!


13. A long drive to at least a dozen hills stations is never a tough one to plan. In fact, in a few hours, you can even reach Goa!


14. The nightlife here is mad. Just mad!

main dance club

15. Sachin Tendulkar is from Mumbai. Period.