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Belgium is one of Europe’s most underrated tourist destinations. It is full of mesmerizing medieval towns, magnificent monuments and fascinating people. Of the several gems in the country worth exploring, Antwerp may be the most offbeat. Located on the River Schedlt, Antwerp is a port city with marvelous epitomes of Renaissance architecture and some of the most artistic landscapes you will see anywhere in the world. Its museums and art galleries are as mesmerizing as its weather. Here are some amazing photos of Antwerp in Western Europe that will tempt you to add it to your bucket list. Also Read - Oops! Hungarian Politician Caught Escaping a 'Gay Sex Party' After Breaching Covid Lockdown, Resigns

Grote Markt in Antwerp, Belgium at night

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Aerial city view of Antwerp at night

Photo of Antwerp 2

City Hall on the main square in Antwerp, Belgium

Photo of Antwerp 3

Aerial view of harbour in Antwerp, Belgium

Photo of Antwerp 4

New office port in the harbour of Antwerp, Belgium

Photo of Antwerp 5

Urban aerial photo of Antwerp’s Zurenborg area in south-east Antwerp featuring high concentration of townhouses in Art Nouveau and fin-de-siècle styles

Photo of Antwerp 6

Young woman tourist walking on the Great Market square during the morning in Antwerp, Belgium

Photo of Antwerp 7

Historical center of Antwerp village in Belgium

Photo of Antwerp 8

The splendid Renaissance building of the Stadhuis (City Hall) is the pearl of the Grote Markt Square. You can also see the Brabo Fountain located in front of its facade.

Photo of Antwerp 9

Bicycles lined up at the Antwerp Velo bike rental station at the central Meir street

Photo of Antwerp 10

Cathedral of Our Lady in Antwerp, Belgium

Photo of Antwerp 11

Beautiful street view of Old town in Antwerp, Belgium

Photo of Antwerp 12

Tram going through the Chinese gateway (Paifang) on Carnotstraat street in front of the Antwerp central station

Photo of Antwerp 13

Skyline from the Scheldt river in Antwerp, Brussels

Photo of Antwerp 14

Antwerp (Anvers) city hall and statue from Grote Market in Belgium

Photo of Antwerp 15

Brabo fountain on market square, center of Antwerp, Belgium

Photo of Antwerp 16

So, visit Antwerp on your next visit to Europe.