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Long rain spells in a tropical country like India translate into puddles of water on road, muggy weather and no electricity! Well, while most people enjoy the awesome atmosphere and general romantic appeal about this weather, there are a few of us who absolutely abhor the idea of getting drenched helplessly and plodding through the potholes on roads. Worry not, for we have three driest destinations in our nation where you can enjoy your holiday without rains disturbing you! Also Read - Rajya Sabha MP Dr. Subhash Chandra’s Efforts Yield Results, 10,000 Farmers Join Organic Farming


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Located in the Ladakh region near Jammu and Kashmir, amidst the scenic vistas of the mighty Himalayas, Zanskar is one of the most unexplored regions of India. It hardly ever rains in this hilly-terrain. This untouched Himalayan land is a must-see destination if you love the hills!



Colourful, vibrant lands of Rajasthan juxtaposed with the stark beauty of white sand deserts are extremely attractive. Jaisalmer receives least amount of rainfall in whole of western India. Nature lovers, history buffs, foodies and backpackers…Rajasthan is a dream location for all kinds of travellers.



Hisar in Haryana is a history buff’s heaven. You will find colonial palaces and ruins of the great Harappan civilisation in Hisar. Experience the Harayanavi hospitality and dry and cool weather at Hisar.