While seeing lush green hillocks and gushing waterfalls can be quite pleasant, there is something about rugged structures that makes them extremely alluring. One such rugged spectacle is the David Gareja monastery complex located in Georgia’s Kakheti region. It houses 19 medieval cave monasteries and several churches, chapels, and hundreds of murals and ancient rock paintings, making it a delight for history buffs. It actually forms Georgia’s border with Azerbaijan. (ALSO SEE Indian Travelers are the Third-largest Demographic in Georgia; These Photos Show You Why) The caves are believed to have been home to 5,000 monk cells at one time. One of the caves still functions as a monastery where monks chant and pray. Here are some amazing photos of the David Gareja Cave Complex that will tempt you to pay a visit. Also Read - 7-Year-Old Georgia Boy Ends Up in Hospital After He Swallows An AirPod He Got For Christmas

Aerial view of David Gareja or Gareji cave monastery complex in Georgia’s Kakheti region

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Another aerial view shot of David Gareja monastery and caves in Georgia

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Inside David Gareja or Gardji cave monastery complex in Georgia’s Kakheti region

David Gareja photo 3

The Last Supper Mural in David Gareja cave monastery

David Gareja photo 4

The popular monastery

David Gareja photo 5

David Gareja cave monastery complex from a different angle

David Gareja photo 6

Ancient Rock-hewn Georgian Orthodox David Gareja Monastery Complex in Sagarejo Municipality in Kakheti Region of Georgia

David Gareja photo 7

David Gareji or Gardja cave monastery complex aerial view in Georgia, Kakheti region

David Gareja photo 8

Ancient surviving frescoes on the walls of David Gareja Monastery Complex founded in 6th Century

David Gareja photo 9

David Gareja monastery

David Gareja photo 10

Keliya for monks, George monastery of David Garedji

David Gareja photo 11

Amazing Monastery in Georgia Davit Gareji

David Gareja photo 12

So, when are you taking a trip to Georgia?