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While the rains have brought relief to some, it has also brought chaos to others. The rains have now spread across the length and breadth of the entire country. As the rains drift towards many cities, towns, villages, hills, mountains and vales; the air is mingled with alacrity, a sense of melancholy & formidability. As the clouds come rolling in, blocking the sun, a hush sweeps through the regions, holding its breath. A clap of thunder, a bolt of lightning, and Mother Nature lets loose her tears- tears that flow copiously across our land. As the rains fall on our land, it creates some dazzling sights for all to admire. Also Read - Indian Navy Successfully Test-fires BrahMos Anti Ship Missile

Grey clouds covering a lush valley in Jammu and Kashmir

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The Jog Falls in Karnataka showcases its magnificence during the monsoons


A woman is seen hiking through Hampta Pass in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh


The Pallikaranai Marsh in Chennai is even more verdant in the rains


Cherrapunji in Meghalaya is ready to receive yet another bout of rain


The Tsomoriri Lake in Ladakh is overshadowed by gigantic rain clouds


Another view of Hampta near Kullu where rain clouds are seen drifting towards the valley


The Ganga becomes a swollen river during the monsoon


 The green washed Konkan Trail

konkan trail

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