Varanasi is perhaps one of India’s most historic destinations. Located on the banks of the river Ganga, this holy city is the hub of Hindu customs and traditions. There are few other places where you can get such a distinct taste of Indian culture as in Varanasi. So, when photographer Koushik Chatterjee visited this marvelous city in Uttar Pradesh, he couldn’t help but point his lens towards some of the most amazing sights the city had to offer. The result, as one might expect, was astonishing! Take a look – Also Read - Don’t Treat Coronavirus on Your Own, Cooperate With Health Professionals: Top 10 Quotes of PM Modi

A deal with the photographer before taking the shot

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A guide explains the ancient note on Varanasi to the morning tourists

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A young priest performs with a big multi-tiered lamp

Varanasi young priest

Aarti is a choreographed show with priests in traditional Indian clothes using huge deepams

Varanasi aarti

Aghoris are an embodiment of Lord Shiva


Aghoris have no qualms in being naked and are often seen covering their body with minimalist clothes

Varanasi Aghoris

Assembly to watch the Aarti Ceremony from river-boat


Assembly to watch the Aarti Ceremony


At dusk, the Varanasi Ganga Aarti ceremony is performed whereby small offerings are given to the Goddess Ganga

Varanasi dusk

Cute Little Pandit of Varanasi scouting the ghats with father

Varanasi little pandit

Ganga Aarti at Varanasi In praise of the River Goddess

Varanasi priest

Grand View of the Aarti Ceremony


Holy Cow


If you are looking for prayers and pleasures at the same time, Varanasi is the perfect cocktail for you on your next vacation

Varanasi landscape

Innocent eyes with some deep emotions


Surya Namashkar – Prayer to the Sun

Varanasi Surya Namaskar

Synchronization of the big lamps


The face is a picture of the mind with the eyes as its interpreter

Varanasi portrait

The night air resonates with deep-throated Vedic chants that transport you to another world if you shut your eyes

Varanasi night

Three Elements – Buffalo , a boatman, the calm Ganges

Varanasi three elements

The above photographs and captions are the work of Koushik Chatterjee. He is a software professional and Wildlife and Travel Photographer based in Hyderabad. His romance with photography began 8 years ago and during this course of time, his works have been recognized by renowned magazines and publications like National Geographic , Nat Geo Traveller India, Outlook India, and Earth Touch. He is keen to learn more in this domain and wants to produce more unique, storytelling photographs. You can see more of his work on his Instagram account.