Holidays are a time for relaxing after the troubles and strains of day-to-day life, but sometimes the journey itself can be a bit chaotic. From last-minute bookings to busy airports and long security queues, the hours before your flight can sometimes be quite stressful. Also Read - Telangana: 2 Trainee Pilots Killed After Cessna Aircraft Crashes at Vikarabad

The best way to begin your well-earned holiday is by experiencing a smooth and pleasant journey, totally free of obstacles. There are many ways to make this possible, such as choosing a quieter travelling time, booking your flights earlier to avoid high prices, preparing for security in advance, fast-tracking your airport experience with a priority lane service, and even being nice to the airline staff! Or, for a truly stress-free journey, why not book yourself into an Executive Lounge so you can get away from the crowds and relax with a free drink or two? Even the smallest of tasks, such as booking your airport parking in advance or using lighter luggage solutions can lead to a more serene journey to your destination. Also Read - Important Tips to Remember While High Altitude Hiking in India

Your travelling experience should be just as enjoyable as the holiday itself. Here’s offering you the very best travel hacks, so that you can glide through the journeying stage like a pro: Also Read - Ultimate Checklist For When You're Travelling Abroad

  1. For the best chance of getting in early, sign up to receive airline alerts and emails. When they release their new flights, you’ll be the first to know.
  2. If you’re not restricted by school holidays, you can cut down your expenses, and enjoy a less hectic airport experience.
  3. Taking into account accommodation charges, it’s often cheaper to avoid flying over a  7-night period. If you can book for 6 or 8 nights, you’ll have a higher chance of scoring low fares.
  4. Treat the airline staff nicely; you never know when you’ll be given a free upgrade or a first-class treatment.
  5. Prepare for a hassle-free journey through security. Keep your liquids tightly packed in one place so that it’s easily accessible during security. It’s annoying having to juggle your laptop and ten-other things all at once.
  6. Spend some money to fast track your airport queue. Turns out it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket to be smart enough to get that,
  7. Take advantage of the executive lounge. Paying to access one of these lounges can actually save you money, contrary to popular belief.