Imagine having planned the perfect weekend getaway, trekking your way to the top of a hill while enjoying the mesmerizing view, when you suddenly realize that you can’t set camp or you’re lacking those instant noodles and food items! Well, to save you from that trauma, here’s a list of some important and basic stuff that you must pack for a trek! Here we bring you a few tips by avid traveller Pankaj Nath who loves to explore the unchartered territories and discover the stunning treks in and around the country. His tips can add a lot of value to your trip, trust us! Also Read - AirAsia India Extends Its Flash Sale Till January 22nd

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One is on the move for the most part of the trek which makes investing in a good backpack a complete no-brainer. It should store all your essentials and last through harsh weather conditions. You can pick a 20, 40, or 60-litre backpack, depending on the trek and its duration. Make sure that it has broad straps, several pockets, and a waterproof cover as well. Note that many trek-friendly bags also come with solar panels to charge your mobile devices! Also Read - ‘Away From Gadgets’ – A Mountaineering Camp in the Lap of Mother Nature!

First aid kit

The second most quintessential thing to have is a first aid kit that includes all the medicines for cold, motion sickness, indigestion, and other ailments along with any prescribed medicines. Packing bandages, antifungal powders, ointments for burns and shoe bites, insect repellent, tweezers, scissors, and some skincare products like sunscreen and lip balms are also a must.


Make sure you have sufficient clothes to layer and protect yourself from the cold. Pack a long-sleeve shirt that can dry easily, light down jackets, waterproof pants, and thermal undergarments to keep yourself warm and dry. Keep comfort as a priority and pack an extra pair of socks, undergarments, and nightwear as well.

Trekking shoes

You should invest in quality waterproof trekking shoes that have a good grip. You can travel in your sports shoes till the base camp but once you start your trek, you must change into your trekking shoes. These should be comfortable, warm and provide good ankle protection.

Walking pole

Make sure to carry a walking or hiking pole as it makes the entire trek easier and less daunting. These provide support and comfort on long treks. Invest in one that is light, portable, foldable and has shock-absorbent qualities.


Having the proper headgear is also essential to protect yourself from the harsh sunlight and chilly breeze. You can invest in a woolen cap, sun cap, woolen bandanas or a hiking hat depending on where you are trekking.


Pack a bag of toiletries including lightweight towels, napkins, toilet paper, paper soap, hand sanitizer, toothpaste and other essentials in a Ziplock bag.


Carry a durable coffee mug, spoon, fork, lunch box and a thermos flask to have access to warm water and food at all times. Make sure that these cutlery items are made from environment-friendly materials.


Coffee powder, milk powder, instant meals and cereals can be packed in Ziplock bags so you can fix yourself a quick meal in no time. You should also keep some energy bars, dry fruits, chocolates, and juice for times when you are drained of energy while trekking.


Make sure to carry tools and equipment like flashlights, swiss knife, garbage bags as these can prove handy in emergency situations. You should also carry a fully charged power bank and some money as you might need to purchase some things on your way.

Gadgets and batteries

Though it is not an essential thing to carry, if you like capturing moments in your camera, don’t forget to carry the camera, a waterproof camera bag, and extra batteries. A lot of people use their phones for clicking pictures. Don’t forget to keep a power bank that can recharge your phone at least 2-3 times.

This list includes the essentials that you might need for a trek however, you should make sure you discuss the same with your guide to know what you might need. So, pack accordingly and enjoy trekking!

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