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Traveling in India is not just about checking out its magnificent monuments or tourist attractions. The real essence of India resides in its streets, its markets, its people and their mundane daily lives. When you take a trip across India, you come across a wide range of interesting, funny, strange, mesmerizing and memorable events. Once you move past the Taj Mahal, the metropolitan cities, the random cow causing a traffic jam on a narrow street, once you are done witnessing all the cliches that you ahve read or heard about, that is when you see the real India. Its colorful people, its lovely animals, its vibrant small towns and their modest yet majestic lifestyles, its lip-smacking street food, its hidden natural wonders tucked away in the hills or along its coasts. India is much more than what people have written about. Also Read - India's COVID-19 Death Toll Reaches 109, Confirmed Cases Soar to 4,067- Top Developments

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This video of a couple traveling around India might seem a bit random at first. However, when you go through all that they have captured, you realize that the video comes pretty close to capturing the true essence of this beautiful country. As the couple travels from Agra to Rajasthan to the south across varying landscapes like mountains to beaches to forests, you get quite close to feeling what it is like to travel in this wonderful land. Have a look!