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Dia Mirza is all set to play the most prominent role of her career as an actor and an environment conservationist. Not so long ago, Dia embarked upon a journey to discover the mighty river Ganga and its significance. In what turned out to be a startling journey, Dia captured the essence of Ganga and all the threats facing the river as well as the lives it affects. The journey started at Gangotri and then followed the course of the Ganga right up till Gangasagar in the Bay of Bengal. And by the look of it, it was one hell of an adventure. Also Read - Do You Have Celiac Disease? You May Die Prematurely

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In her journey, Dia met with a lot of people, visited several places, and understood all the nuances of life along the Ganga. The journey proved to be as much of a story of tears and heartbreak as it was of strength and conviction to bring about a change. Dia’s extraordinary journey will be telecast from today on the channel Livingfoodz on Sunday’s 12 noon and 7 pm. And here is a sneak peek of Dia’s extraordinary journey in pursuit of conscience to discover herself along with Ganga – the soul of India!