Image: Wikimedia Commons

Image: Biswarup Ganguly/Wikimedia Commons

When we dream of an ideal vacation, we often think of far-off places with abundant natural beauty and enough provisions for interesting activities to indulge in. What we tend to forget is that we are always surrounded by such places. We do not have to go too far to get that stunning view of the rising sun or that amazing street flanked by tall trees. Take our own college campus for instance. Be it riding a bicycle on the clean, beautiful roads or hanging out with friends at a cafe after the sun goes down, lying on the green grass with an interesting book or taking long walks with a beloved companion, our college campus is capable of serving as the perfect holiday spot! Of course, there is the pressure of academics and examinations, but that doesn’t take anything away from the beauty and ambiance of the campus. Also Read - AIIMS PG Entrance Exams 2020: Admit Cards Issued, Download From

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One such amazing college campus in India is that of Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur. One tour of the campus and you would never want to leave. It is therefore natural that students of this institution feel emotional about its campus and their time spent there. So, as a tribute to their alma mater, the Alumni cell of IIT Kharagpur did something beautiful. They created this magnificent video that showcases the beauty of their campus through some stunning aerial shots. Have a look to get blown away by the aesthetics of this wonderful campus which continues to give us some of the finest talent in the country.