We travel for various purposes. Some of us like to escape from our daily routine while others travel for their romance with nature. Some enjoy the adrenaline rush they get from the adventure and some travel long distances just for the calm and peace. But Lucknow’s Mrigendra Singh travels in pursuit of kindness. He is a young man who believes that there is a lot of good in this world and when you hit the road, more often than not, you meet nice people who are friendly, helpful, and even loving. In order to reinstate this point, Mrigendra Singh has embarked on 1,440 km bicycle journey from Lucknow to Mumbai. He is posting pictures on his Facebook account to keep the world updated about his experience and also introduce the lovely people he is meeting on the way. He oftewn posts pictures with the hashtag #worldissupergood. Also Read - Action Has Returned to Indian Skies, Says Aviation Minister Puri as 532 Flights Resume Operation on First Day

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This is not the first time Mrigendra has embarked upon such a journey. He has already done a similar ride from Bangalore to Lucknow when he met several wonderful people who offered him food, a night’s stay and loads of love and concern. This time Mrigendra has started his bicycle ride on January 23. (DO SEE One man cycled from Bangalore to Lucknow to prove that people are kind and the world is a good place) This time too, he is meeting some amazing people… Also Read - Amid Tensions With China, PM Speaks to Bangladesh's Sheikh Hasina And UAE's Bin Zayed

Like this monk who is walking across India-Nepal-Thailand


And these lovely hosts who offered him food at Kanpur


That’s his ride!


And people around keep motivating him and asking him about his trip!

Mrig breakfast

Even on his last trip, Mrigendra had made some unusual acquaintances


People were extremely friendly and hospitable and offered him food

Mrig food

And sometimes even places to stay

Mrig stay

We hope that Mrigendra’s current Lucknow-Mumbai trip too turns out to be successful and serves as a great reminder that the world is indeed a good place. You can follow Mrigendra’s Lucknow-Mumbai trip on his Facebook page.

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