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The world we live in is full of unusual surprises. Acknowledging the human craving for travel and trying out new adventures, the hospitality industry keeps coming up with new ways of drawing guests through unique promotional campaigns. There is no dearth of bizarre hotels in the world where you should stay at least once. Take the Art Series Hotel Group in Australia for instance. Perfect for those who like to have a comfortable but unique holiday experience, the hotel group encourages its guests to take a naked photo in their room. That’s right! As part of their “No Robe” package, the Art Series Hotel Group offers a unique and artistic service. The hotel encourages its guests to strike a pose naked while an artist’s custom unit captures a picture. An A3 size life drawing is later sent to the guest post their stay at the hotel. Reminds you of Jack and Rose form Titanic, does’t it?

As per the hotel group’s website, the package includes a night’s stay in any of the suites at any Art Series hotel across Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Bendigo. A custom-built unit is delivered to the guest’s room at a time selected by the guest. This camera unit that has a timer feature can be used by the guest to get a naked photo clicked. After a period of time, the unit is removed and the picture captured in it is sent to artists via an encripted link. These artists then line draw the subject’s image remotely from their own studio after which the source image is deleted permanently. The artists’s work, which is line-drawn naked portrait of the guest, is then sent to the respective guests in a beautiful package from the Art Series Hotel Group. CHECK OUT 10 Unique Hotels That Will Blow Your Mind

Whether you try out the “No Robe” package or not, you have to admit that it is quite a unique way to promote the hotel! You can check out more details of this hotel and the package here.

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