Love works in mysterious ways. You can find your soulmate anywhere. So, when people travel, there is a great possibility that they might meet someone special during their journey. It often just takes a little moment for a couple to realize that they are in love. You never know what might trigger a spark between two people. You never know what can be the start of a beautiful journey. In one such beautiful story, a key role was played by a young Indian photographer looking for a great shot at the Taj Mahal. (ALSO SEE 8 magnificent photos of Taj Mahal that prove why it is a wonder of the world!) Also Read - UP Jail Inmates Manufacture Around 11.49 Lakh Face Masks, Provide 8 Lakh of Them to Government And Non-Governmental Organisations

It was two years ago when young Mohit Tejpal had just started photography. He took a trip to the Taj Mahal in Agra which is one of India’s most beautiful attractions. Built by Mughal emperor Shahjahan in 1632, Taj Mahal is not only considered an epitome of love but also an ideal spot for photography. This is what brings tourists from all over the world to this magnificent structure. Also Read - 'Is This Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan?': Twitter Compares Indian Migrant Boy With Syrian Refugee Kid, Bursts in Anger After Agra DM Prabhu Narayan Singh Reacts Insensitively

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So, Mohit, like several other photographers was trying his hand at capturing great shots of the Taj Mahal and people in and around it. He positioned himself under one of the arches facing the Taj Mahal for a good shot. He saw a young couple standing at an excellent spot with perfect lighting but found something missing. He figured out what it was and asked the couple to hold hands. It got him this fantastic picture.

Mohit Tejpal - Taj Mahal 1

Later, he asked them to sit at the same spot and clicked them from a different angle. This was the shot that got him the Judges Choice Travel Photography Award organised by Photofie. And that was that.

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Mohit Tejpal - Taj Mahal 2

However, two years later, Mohit got a pleasant surprise that is right out of a romantic novel. He received a heart-felt text message from the same couple which revealed something Mohit had no clue about. The couple were France’s Mourad Beji and Colombine Ruiz. What they wrote in the text brought a smile to Mohit and filled his heart. It will do the same to you. Here goes:

Message 1

Message 2

Wonderful story, isn’t it? It reinstates our faith in both travel and love. When you leave your home and travel the world, the most beautiful, mysterious and amazing things happen to you without you having a clue. The places you see, the people you meet, even if it is for a short duration, can change your life in ways you can;t imagine. Just like Mohit changed the lives of Mourad and Colombine.


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