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Lulu Pheiga is an Indian from Neikanlong in Manipur. She runs a pretty damn popular food truck in Genk, Belgium. This success story started from the northeast of India and went on all the way to Europe. The food truck is named Lulu’s Tribal Kitchen and it serves authentic northeastern cuisine that include dishes like chilli pork, utti, panthao gan, and gan huai which are curry and rice based dishes. Also Read - Horoscope, March 1, Monday: Hectic Day For Aries, Leos to Feel Superbly Energetic

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Lulu was a flight attendant who went on to settle in Belgium with her husband, Bob Stall. Despite having other career options, her love for cooking urged her to experiment. It was only two years ago that the couple though of venturing into the food industry.

lulu 2

The food truck represents her tribal Naga heritage. Pheiga belongs to the Rongmei Naga tribe and almost of the food served at the food truck is inspired by food she ate back home.

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A couple of years ago, Lulu’s Tribal Kitchen was just a small hut and eventually went on to become extremely popular. The biggest reason for the success of this Indian food truck in Belgium is the open-mindedness of the people who look forward to try new cuisines.


So, if you’re ever in Belgium and would like to taste a little bit of India in the unknown land, here’s a place you must most definitely check out!

Here’s their contact number so you can track exactly where the truck is: +32 491 30 53 56

Photographs: Lulu’s Food truck/Facebook


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