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If you’ve been reeling under the cold wave that hit parts of India a few days ago, you’d feel better when you hear about the coldest village on earth to be permanently inhabited. The village Oymyakon in Russia is the coldest region on earth with people settled there permanently and braving the harsh weather conditions to survive. The village has seen temperatures drop to as low as minus 71 degree Celsius and the current temperature is minus 44 degree Celsius. If you thought it was cold here, these numbers are enough to send a shiver in your body. The bone-chilling cold has given this place a nickname of being called the ‘Pole of Cold’ and comes with its own set of shortcomings. For instance, nothing grows in this region so the staple diet of people living here consists of horse and reindeer meat. They however, are not undernourished as the meat keeps them warm and healthy. Other hindrances living in such a cold place include, keeping one’s car running all day long as turning it off may result in it not starting again. Many practise this norm on a daily basis. Oymyakon is home to only 500 odd people which is an improvement from the ’20s and ’30s when no one settled here and only reindeer herders would stop here on their way. ALSO SEE 11 photos of Dras, the coldest inhabited place in India Also Read - Cyclone Nisarga to Make Landfall Today; Maharashtra, Gujarat on High Alert | Top Developments

Oymyakon also has a hot spring and in fact, the word Oymyakon means non-freezing water however, the harsh winter often results in frozen water bodies. A funeral in Oymyakon usually takes place after three days as it takes that long to dig a grave in the ground using hot coals to thaw the earth. The village is home to Siberian Laikas whose fur is used to keep one warm in this extreme winter. The record-breaking temperature of minus 71 degree Celsius was recorded in 1924 and there is even a spot in the village to showcase this monumental condition.  Also Read - Bangladesh ODI Captain Tamim Iqbal Was 'Ashamed Of Himself' After Seeing Virat Kohli's Fitness Levels

coldest village

Feel better about your condition already or adventurous enough to spend a few days in Oymyakon? It takes two days to reach Oymyakon from Yakutsk. The average temperature in winter here is around minus 58 degree Celsius. Since Oymyakon is only 750 meters above sea level, the winter here has only three hours of daylight while summer has about 21 hours of sunlight. Oymyakon sure is an interesting place to visit for brave hearts who are ready to experience the harshest winter of their lives! Are you game? ALSO SEE These 9 celebs are trekking to Siachen to pay homage to Indian Army

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