Potato Chip Rock

Photograph: Twitter/AWOL

Located in California, not very far away from San Diego, the rock that you see above can easily pass off as the most terrifying place on the planet. Called the Potato chip rock, it is located in San Diego’s Lake Poway Park. It takes a tiring 3-4 hour hike to reach this spot. It is at an elevation of close to 2000 ft. (ALSO SEE 21 spectacular photographs of breathtaking landscapes) Also Read - BFI Nominates 5 Boxers And three coaches For The National Sports Awards 2020

Potato Chip Rock 2

Photograph: Twitter/Elda Talamane

Visited by several tourists, the rock is named on account of its shape resembling a potato chip. It provides just the right backdrop for the most fascinating as well as spectacular pictures. Also Read - India-China Ladakh Standoff: 'Situation Stable And Controllable, All Channels Open For Talks,' Says Beijing

Photograph: Twitter/Ryan Tietz

Photograph: Twitter/Ryan Tietz

If you can get the right picture, this place can look very VERY dangerous! However, the truth is – while pictures of the rock look like a scary ledge with huge drop offs, it is just the perspective of the picture that makes it look so. You do need to jump across a few boulders to get to the Potato Chip, and you may feel the vibrations of the rock due to other people jumping around too. However, if the chip does break off and you do happen to fall, you would fall just a few feet at the most (close to one and a half storeys). Also Read - Style Tips to Wear Mom Jeans: How to Look Cool Wearing 'Unhip' Denim at Any Occasion

Twitter/Tom Baldwin

Photograph: Twitter/Tom Baldwin

See what we mean?

Photograph: Twitter/Taaluma Totes

Photograph: Twitter/Taaluma Totes

So, wouldn’t you like to visit this place and get some pictures clicked?


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