One of the most important rules for flying is either switching off your phones and other electronic devices or putting them on flight mode. This one’s non-negotiable; the stakes of disobeying this particular rule are exceptionally high.

While our cellphones have become an inseparable part of our existence, we must comply with the rules of an aircraft especially when it’s flying. And once you know the reason, it wouldn’t be such a problem co-operating. It is believed that all the radio signals emitting from the cellphone’s interfere with the flight’s navigation, causing difficulties for the pilot in landing and take-off. However, these emissions are more annoying than they are dangerous; and putting them on flight mode helps the flight’s navigation to work smoother.

Another reason is the potential noise that all the buzzing and ringing cellphones might make. Imagine flying with the incessant ringing of innumerable phones around you. Exactly, the noise would not just cause a problem to all the passengers on board but also the pilots and the crew members. There are important announcements made in flight; and one is required to stay alert and attentive. If it were possible to use our internet and social media up in the air; nobody would have paid any attention to the in-flight announcements.

Not using your mobile phones is more like a courtesy than to keep off an impending disaster. It helps the people doing their job of flying you safely from one place to anther, to do it more efficiently. However, in some cases, when inflight cellular service is provided, there is usually a cell station right beside those phones. They are made to function at very low power without causing any disturbance to the navigation equipment; and allow connecting to Wi-Fi networks even on airplane mode.