A number of railway passengers take the liberty to reach the station quite late as unlike an airport there is no boarding time. Apparently, you have time unless the trains start chugging.

You can indulge in some last-minute cardio exercise by running on the platform as then if you manage to somehow cling to the handle of any of the gates, well, you have never missed the train.

Wrong, says the Indian Railways, which has put out a horrifying video in an attempt to educate its passengers.


As seen in this video, a passenger tried to board 12915 Ashram Express at Ahmedabad Station, soon after the train started moving. It’s not a local train that the dorrs will remain open. We actually don’t know what the passenger was thinking when he held one rod outside the closed door of a cabin and just tried to swing. Yes, the train was moving faster than both he and we thought (watching the video). And as a result, his hand slips and, for a moment, it seems he fell into the track between the moving train and the platform.

But according to the tweet, the RPF personnel quickly pushed him inside a coach.

“However fit and smart you are, please don’t try to entrain/ detrain a moving train,” the tweet reads.

A close shave indeed!