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Not to sound political, but the Indian Railways has improved quite a bit in these few years. New high-speed trains are being tested out, train stations are getting Wi-Fi and booking tickets online is not as big as hassle as it was before, thanks to improvements made in the back end. The railways have also embraced social media quite well, responding to passengers quickly and doing what they can to resolve issues. We recently talked about how the Indian Railways responded to a concerned brother of a passenger and offered some respite. Now, Facebook user Vedant Pratap Singh Jadon shared with us an equally wonderful story of how the railways ministry responded to the concerns of a passenger and parent. Also Read - Coronavirus: Punjab Govt to Decide on Lockdown Extension on May 30

This incident took place in 2016 on the Kalka-Shirdi Express that goes from Kalka, Haryana to Sainagar in Shirdi, Maharashtra. The train’s passengers that day included a couple with their infant child, little Shubha. Sometime during their journey, the parents learnt that their girl’s milk container had spilled its contents onto the berth. Vedant, their co-passenger, looked up some online food delivery services for trains and offered them the phone numbers. But the services could, at best, only deliver the milk four hours later. Also Read - Hina Khan's Workout Tip: 'Wearing Stylish' Matters When You Sweat it Out

With no milk to feed their child for hours, the parents were naturally very anxious. The father, desperate for help, asked Vedant to tweet out to the Ministry of Railways. It was a last-ditch effort; neither the parents nor Vedant were expecting much, even though they had heard of instances where the railways did respond. Vedant sent out the tweet, and he and the parents waited, fingers crossed.

Surprisingly, the ministry did tweet back to Vedant, within a matter of minutes. They asked for the passenger’s details, and Vedant quickly offered the details. The response from the ministry signaled a wave of relief for the worried parents and Vedant. With a solution of some kind in sight, the tension in the atmosphere was diffused and the parents of the hungry little kid waited, this time with hope in their hearts.

And the solution came right at the next station, where there was some nice warm milk waiting for Shubha. The parents got their milk moments after the train stopped at the station. Finally, little Shubha got her meal. In that moment, all the criticism about the railways and their slow services vanished; they had come to the aid of an anxious couple when they needed it the most.

Photograph Courtesy: Facebook

Photograph Courtesy: Facebook

In a way, it’s these little moments of humanity that matter. While the railways certainly have a long way to go in terms of profit margins and scheduling and all that, it is heartening to see that they have done good work in connecting with the regular passengers and their usual troubles. Sometimes it helps to see the smaller picture instead of focusing on the bigger one. At the end of that journey, Shubha got her milk, Vedant got the name ‘Train wale Mama’ for her, and everyone had a renewed sense of confidence in the Indian Railways. ALSO READ: Facts about the Indian Railways that will surprise you!

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