Main Zanskar in the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kasmir is one of the most stunning places in India. Blessed with scenic locales, snow-capped mountains and sparkling blue rivers, it’s a photographer’s paradise. Zanskar houses a large population of Tibetan Buddhists and one can also find monasteries here. Zanskar is a hotspot for adventure activities like trekking, paragliding and river rafting. Here’s a pictorial tour of Zanskar which is bound to captivate you!Also Read - Why You Must go For The Chadar Trek Before 2020

This is a picture of Padum village in Zanskar.

1 JammuandKashmir_Zanskar_Padum-City-in-Zanskar-valley_IWPL1 Also Read - Best Places to Visit in India on Gandhi Jayanti 2017 Long Weekend

One can see a herd of animals against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains here.

2 Jammu-and-Kashmir_Zanskar_Farmer-with-animals-in-Zanskar_IWPL2 Also Read - Chadar Trek images that will make you want to hit the ice road in Ladakh

Zanskar River is popular for river rafting activities.

3 Jammu-and-Kashmir_Zanskar_Zanskar-River

And its beauty is inexpressible in words…

4 JammuandKashmir_Zanskar_the-beautiful-Zanskar-River

Here’s a picture of the frozen Zanskar.

5 (2)

This shows King’s Palace in Zangla, Zanskar.


Karsha Gompa (Karsha Monastery) in the Padum Valley of Zanskar.


A high mountain pass in Zanskar region of Jammu and Kashmir, Baralacha La means the pass where many roads meet.

8 Baralacha-

The pass connects Lahaul in Himachal Pradesh to Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir.

9 Near-Baralacha-la-pass

Check out a picture of a house in Zanskar. It looks as pretty as the scenic landscape, doesn’t it?

10 Jammu-and-Kashmir_Zanskar_A-house-in-Zanskar

This shows another traditional house in Zanskar.


Aren’t you impressed already? If not, we’re sure this photo will leave you awestruck!