Photograph: Shutterstock

Photograph: Shutterstock

Traveling and taking a vacation every few months is quite the norm these days especially for young, who don’t mind splurging every once in a while. However, it is also the age of staying connected and sharing the tiniest detail of your life with the world. Needless to add, a smartphone is one of the most important accessory that travelers carry with them. According to a recent survey conducted by WudStay and Opera, the findings of how dependent travelers are on technology and smartphones will blow your mind. Here are some the survey’s findings. Also Read - Air India to Open International Booking For These 7 Places Tomorrow at 5 PM | Check List

1. Most travelers use mobile data to share updates on social media

A whopping 32 per cent of travelers use their internet data just to share their vacation photos and updates on social media. However 28 per cent of people also use it for researching about the destination such as the places to visit there. 17 per cent use it for GPS and directions and 16 per cent to chat with their families and friends. Also Read - Ratan Tata Calls Death of Pregnant Elephant in Kerala a 'Mediated Murder', Says 'Justice Needs to Prevail'

2. Travelers are willing to give up alcohol for a night for a good internet connection on vacation

People do not want to switch off and go offline even on vacation as the survey reveals that people are willing to do a lot for a good internet connection. When asked, 34 per cent of them said they will sacrifice alcohol for an evening while 29 per cent of them were ready to skip using the restroom for six hours for it. 16 per cent were fine not showering if they got goo net connectivity and 14 per cent didn’t mind eating for the whole day. Also Read - LOG vs KIA Dream11 Team Players Prediction Korean Baseball League 2020: Captain, And Fantasy Baseball Tips For Today's Lotte Giants vs Kia Tigers Match in South Korea 3 PM IST June 4 Thursday

3. Lack of mobile network is the biggest fear for travelers

Clearly, traveling is no longer about going to a remote place and connecting with your self. For 34 per cent of travelers, their biggest fear on a holiday is lack of mobile network. 24 per cent however feel it is the fear of overspending on hotel rooms, restaurant, pubs, etc and 12 per cent worry about getting robbed. 9 per cent of travelers are also worried about taking bad photos. 8 per cent of travelers worry that they will lose their smartphone on vacation and 7 per cent worry about roaming bills.

4. Men like to travel with guys and women with their families

The right travel companion can make your holiday a memorable one. And men wouldn’t want to risk it by traveling with their families. 50 per cent of men love taking a trip with their guy buddies instead of their wives or families. On the other hand, 76 per cent of women prefer going on a holiday with the entire family.

5. Most cope with a bad connection by staying offline

If you are wondering what’s happening to the world and travelers, here’s a ray of hope. When asked how they’d cope with lack of connectivity, 32 per cent of travelers said they’d stay offline. 29 per cent said they’d go looking for a free Wifi and 8 per cent said they’d use their friend’s mobile.

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