Mumbai has earned quite a reputation across the globe as a vibrant city. Its fast pace is addictive for some and annoying for others. You can love Mumbai or hate it, but you cannot ignore it! Of the several things that interests the world about Mumbai, one of the most prominent is its slums which have existed for years in absolute contrast with its lavish skyscrapers. Even as you land at the Mumbai airport, you cannot help but notice how these slums go hand in hand with some of the most spectacular buildings of the city. And how can we forget Dharavi, one of the largest slums in the world!? How life in these slums progresses parallel to that in the rest of the city has been a rather intriguing subject for many a traveler. So, when globetrotter Jacob Laukaitis traveled to Mumbai, he decided to spend two full days walking around in these slums to get an idea of how life here is. The result is this absolutely marvelous video which takes you through the lesser known side of the slums of Mumbai! (ALSO SEE Jacob’s 8,000-km bike trip across 15 countries) Also Read - 'Touching Gesture'! Narayana Murthy Touches The Feet of Ratan Tata And Twitter Can't Stop Hailing The 'Historic Moment'

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