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India is famous for its lip-smacking street food that are a burst of flavors in your mouth. From the papdi chaat to vada pav, from rolls to samosas, you will find some of the best delicacies not in top restaurants, but right on the streets. Not only are these easy on the pocket, they are packed with so much flavor that you’ll never feel like eating in a hotel again. (DON’T MISS More stories on Food and Drink) Also Read - Lockdown 5.0 in Gujarat: Complete Shutdown From June 1? No, Says CM But Guidelines Awaited

These street vendors who usually come from humble backgrounds and make a living out of serving food to people out of a stall, can give a tough competition to many chefs too. Their quick service and innovative dishes is something to look forward to. Every state has its own specialty. In this video, we show you how omelette is made on the streets of Ahmedabad. A new stall called RK Kailash Omelette Center boasts of making the best egg preparations in town and this video will certainly make you salivate. Also Read - COVID-19 'Super-Spreaders' Major Source of Worry in Ahmedabad? All You Need to Know

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From Sunday Crunchy which has everything from cheese slices, grated cheese, egg white, masala omelette and toast to Surti Ghotala, this place has some regular and some daring dishes on their menu. You’d be left wondering what to order from this roadside stall but the taste will not disappoint you. Watch how one man whips up omelette after omelette in different styles, unperturbed by the traffic, the honking, the heat or the constant chatter of people around him. We bet you’d want to grab a bite right away!

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