Honeymoon without your husband? Yes, if you are Huma Mobin, it is in fact possible! A creative manager at an ad agency, Huma had planned to go on her second honeymoon with husband Arsaalan Butt to Greece. The couple paid for the trip and booked their tickets but the plan changed when he did not get a visa on time. Since the bookings were made, Huma’s in-laws convinced her to go on the trip despite Butt not accompanying her. They too went along with her. But little did they know Huma would miss him so much that the photos would look like this! Also Read - Pep Guardiola's Mother Dies With Coronavirus

Huma went to all the beautiful sightseeing spots in Greece but was so upset that her husband wasn’t around that she made a sad face and kept her arm in mid-air pretending it to be around his imaginary shoulder. At one point, she lost her phone too and soon her photos had one arm mid-air for the husband, the other one with her imaginary phone. Though we feel bad for her misery, we couldn’t help but chuckle at these adorably funny photos she came back with. Take a look. Also Read - Corona Effect: Maoist Leaders in Odisha Announce Ceasefire, Urge State Govt to Help Them With Medicine, Basic Amenities

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huma 1

huma 2

huma 3

huma 4

No husband, no phone

huma 6

huma 8

huma 7

Clearly, Huma could not appreciate Greece’s beauty without her husband. We hope the two make up for it and next time are able to go on their honeymoon together.

Photographs courtesy: Facebook

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