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Do you remember visiting a zoo? The time when you were thrilled to see your favorite animal for the first time. However, the sad part about a zoo is watching wild animals being kept in small cages. So the Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo located in Chongqing city, China, has switched the places of humans and animals. Visitors pay to get locked in a cage in the back of a truck, while the ferocious roam around free. The idea of locking up visitor may sound absurd but it is better than putting animals in a cage. (ALSO SEE The Born in China trailer is all you need to drive away your Monday blues) Also Read - Two Doctors of Delhi's Safdarjung Hospital Assaulted While Buying Grocery, Case Filed

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Photograph Courtesy: YouTube

Here visitors are driven through the zoo in a cage and to attract animals, chunks of meat are tied to the outer part of the vehicle. This gives you an opportunity to get up close with bears and big cats, instead of just watching them in an enclosure from a safe distance. People can also feed the hungry lions and tigers! There is a small opening in the wire mesh cage through which visitors can offer fresh meat without becoming dinner themselves. This thrilling experience will stay in your memory for the rest of your life. (ALSO SEE Stunning photos of Khonoma, the village in Nagaland that doesn’t cut trees or hunt!) Also Read - Do You Have Celiac Disease? You May Die Prematurely

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Photograph Courtesy: youTube

The zoo, which was opened in 2015, has Bengal tigers, white tigers and even bears. Since its opening, the zoo has been a huge success. Not just locals but people from outside the country are interested in visiting this unique zoo. Initially, the tickets for the service remained sold out for three months. According to the zoo spokeswoman Chan Liang, the zoo wanted to give the visitors the thrill of being chased and attacked by the beasts minus the risks. Also Read - Entertainment News Today April 9, 2020: Zoa Morani Feels Much Better Says She is Responding Well to The Treatment

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