Mumbaikars, rejoice, for there is yet another development that will make travelling easier for you in the suburbs. Recently, Bombay HC approved the project that said that three jetties for ferry services will be built between Gorai and Borivali West, Ghodbunder in Thane and a roll-on and roll-off jetty service at Manori – stating the demand is well in public interest.

It was a rather strong push from Maharashtra Maritime Board; the board earnestly believes that the construction of jetties will help de-congest traffic in the western suburbs to a great extent. The development has being sanctioned keeping in mind that it will be a sustainable water transportation system; with zero harm to the environment or the ecosystem.

The petition has received a green signal from environmental authorities such as Maharashtra Coastal Zone Management Authority and Coastal Zone Regulation because the mangroves in the area isn’t being disturbed at all and the jetties are being made only in the buffer zone.

The work will begin soon, and one can hope to see a huge difference in travel time, as the Gorai/Borivali project claims to cover 30km of land commute to 0.3km by water, thereby saving almost two hours each way. Similarly, the Ghodbunder to Vasai project claims to reduce 42km of highly congested land travel to 10km by the ferry ride. For those travelling to Manori by car know that they have to take a detour to cross the creek; and with the help of a jetty that problem too will be overcome.

It is expected that the proposed projects will not only decongest the city’s traffic in the western suburbs but will also contribute majorly in connecting the eastern suburbs with the city. What’s commendable is that the project isn’t negatively affecting the environment, therefore, it’s a win-win situation for everybody involved.