Life’s always good when you’re by the sea, with the sun shining above and the sea right in front of you. And it’s imperative that we make time for such goodness regularly from our hectic schedules. A rather off-beat place you must explore is Covelong, 40km from Chennai in the terrific state of Tamil Nadu.

The pleasant village of Covelong is renowned for its fishing activities. Couple that with swaying palms and the beautiful beach where you can lay without a care in the world. Everything from the ambience, peace, to tranquility and infrastructure – Covelong beach is one of the most popular beach resorts on the Coromandel Coast. Back in the day, Covelong was the renowned port of the Nawabs of the Carnatic. It is believed that Saadat Ali, Nawab of Carnatic, built the ancient port of Covelong. And then, in the year 1746 Covelong was taken over by the troops of the French General Laboudonnais and destroyed in 1752 by Clive.

However, today is not only is a place you can catch a gorgeous sunset by the beach but also an adventure destination that offers all kinds of amazing water sports such as windsurfing, swimming and water-surfing. The gentle sea and the activities just add a certain charm to the place.

There’s actually much else to see apart from the beautiful beach of Covelong. The place is dotted with historical monuments likes forts, churches (ancient Catholic Church is a must visit), and mosques that explains the secular nature of the area. Then there’s an ancient Dutch fort, the ruins of which lie close to the beach. In its own way, Covelong reveals the history of the state of Tamil Nadu.

You could couple it by visiting the marvellous Mahabalipuram, about nineteen kilometres from Covelong. On your visit to Mahabalipuram remember to visit the unique 7th-century shore temples. Don’t miss out on the Crocodile Farm, which is a large, and successful reptile breeding ground that invites you to view crocodiles from close quarters.