Travelling becomes more exciting and liberating as one grows older. Yet there are certain physical limitations that get imposed on you because of some medical condition or reduced stamina. Here are some tips that can help you have a safer and smoother travel experience, no matter your age.Also Read - What is Eco-Tourism in India? Here's Everything You Need to Know

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While a travel insurance is absolutely imperative for just about anyone, it is truly an essential for senior travellers. That’s because they’re more at a risk of falling, hurting themselves or even getting sick. Also Read - Summer Travel: 3 Positive Trends For Travellers to Explore Stress Free Post COVID

Don’t advertise your absence

If you’re going out of your hotel, be discreet especially if you’re travelling alone. Refrain from putting the ‘clean my room’ sign on your hotel door; it’s best to get it done while you’re there. That’s because that sign makes it easier for thieves to plan entry; and have access to your passport, extra money and even jewellery. Asking for a room near the elevator and away from ground floor rooms is also a great way to ensure safety.

Don’t neglect the medicines

Senior travellers must, as a thumb rule, pay as much attention to their medications as they do with their money and passport. Always keep them handy and in safe hygienic containers. Also make sure you carry extra medicine in case you miss a flight or wish to extend your trip.

Maintain a low-key profile

While you can afford really expensive cameras, jewellery and watches, keep your overall attire to a simple one. The trick applies to cash as well. Don’t wear or carry anything that screams affluence. You don’t suddenly want to be surrounded by thieves on your holiday.

Comfortable shoes

As we get older, the body somehow has to struggle harder to maintain a balance. And if you’re travelling wearing even a little bit of heels, you won’t even know when you trip, slip or fall. So make sure your shoes are absolutely comfortable and allow you to walk or even run in them.