Packing for a cruise is slightly different from packing for a regular trip. Here, you have to keep in mind that you’d have the opportunity of sub-trips. Which means that when the ship rests at ports, you can go out and roam the local area. Plus, knowing the things you may or may not need on your ship will just help waive the extra luggage that could cause potential luggage weight issues at the airport. Here’s how to cope with packing for a cruise. Also Read - Goa Travel News For Adventure Enthusiasts: New Rules For Water Sports And Cruises as State Increases Activities

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The ships usually don’t have a dress code; which means you’re free to wear whatever you like. You can carry your clothing according to the weather around the time you’re travelling. Also know that the ship is completely air-conditioned, so you can play your wardrobe accordingly. From being too dressed up or not giving any thought to what you’re wearing, the call is completely yours. In case you want to know if the ship provides laundry or dry cleaning services, make sure to ask them in advance. However, apart from the basic daily wear, remember to pack recreational wear and accessories, for activities like gaming and swimming. Also Read - Important Tips to Remember While High Altitude Hiking in India

Port of call

In most cruises, you’re offered the opportunity of disembarking in ports for a day trip. Now, that will require you to be active and walk around a lot. So remember to pack clothes and shoes for a day tour on these ports. Your best bet is to check the weather forecasts before you pack for your cruise, so you’ll know if these places are hot and humid or expecting rain.

Keep your luggage light

We often forget that most of the personal care essentials are available in most places around the world. Things like toothpaste, shampoos, batteries, and tissues take up a lot of space in the luggage. Save a little space and avoid carrying things you can buy at your destination. That’s because you would want to carry back a few souvenirs that you’ve bought without paying extra for increased luggage weight.


If you get withdrawal symptoms without your gadgets, be careful to pack them with the adapters and chargers. However, if you’re not one to go online everyday, go without the devices, converters, and such and you won’t regret it.