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Traveling all around the world has gained momentum in the past few years and so has it in India. A lot of destinations have gotten tagged as “Tourist Spots”. This makes many places almost impossible to have a peaceful time at, during the seasons when people flock there in huge numbers. India has so many options that haven’t been explored enough, the point being that you must visit them!

So here I am, with a list of ten such places I think you must take a trip to, instead of the oh-so-very popular ones.

Kaza instead of Ladakh


Kaza is situated in the state of Himachal Pradesh and has great similarities to Ladakh. The only difference is that not too many people know about how beautiful it truly is.


Cherrapunji instead of Shillong


Cherrapunji is one of those destinations that is just about to become very famous. The Living Roots Bridge is a phenomenon one wouldn’t find in a lot of other places around the world. So take a trip and make memories, before you have to whine about how crowded it could be.


Mirik instead of Darjeeling


Mirik is a location close to Darjeeling and hasn’t been explored by many people. Yes, several tourists know about this destination, but it isn’t as populated or popular are Darjeeling for sure.

Darjeeling Main

Dras instead of Srinagar


Dras, located in Jammu and Kashmir,  is the second coldest place in the world and the coldest place in India. It is very difficult for people to sustain, given the temperature, however, it is definitely not as explored as it probably should be. Yes Srinagar is home to beautiful rivers and lakes, but once you want a change of atmosphere, literally, take a trip to Dras for sure.


Pelling instead of Manali


Pelling and Manali are situated in two different states, Sikkim and Himachal Pradesh respectively. However, if you’re looking for snow, solitude and a beautiful serene place to unwind, Manali definitely doesn’t give you all the peace and quiet. Pelling on the other hand is far less explored and gives you just the amount of peace you need!


Rewalsar instead of Nainital


Rewalsar is located in Himachal Pradesh, while Nainital is located in Uttarkhand. However, the highlight of both these destinations is the beautiful lake the are home to. However, Nainital is far more commercialized than Rewalsar is yet.


Chikmagalur instead of Coorg


Chikmagalur is the hub for coffee lovers and has some of the most beautiful coffee plantations in the country. Yet, not many people have actually considered it to be a great holiday destination. It s indeed an amazing place to visit soon. Located in Karnataka, this quaint little town is calling out to coffee lovers!


Pattadakal instead of Hampi


Pattadakal is known for the architectural style it has inherited from the Chalukya Dynasty located in Karnataka. There are several structures that haven’t been explored fully by travelers, hence becoming all the more a better place to visit.


Majuli instead of Guwahati

majuli 1

Majuli is the country’s largest river island and is a quaint little town in the state of Assam. It is less crowded and there are several things to do here, inclusive of a boat ride to the island itself.


Osian instead of Khajurao


Osian is situated in the state of Rajasthan, whjil Khajuraho in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Both these places are known for the temples with erotic carvings on them. However, Khajuraho is far more famous and not many people know about Osian at all.

4 MadhyaPradesh_Khajuraho_EroticTemples

Kolad instead of Rishikesh

Kolad is no doubt known for river rafting in Maharashtra, however, it is not as famous as Rishikesh and tends to be cheaper than the latter. It is less crowded and bookings will be available more easily for sure.

Diveagar instead of Alibag

Diveagar is far less explored and visited than Alibag, Kashid and Murd Janjira are all together. It is slowly becoming a well known destination and more travelers are visiting it.

So make a list soon and take off to one of these destinations that not many people know names of!