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Fashion has enamored the world and the billion-dollar industry is thriving even today. It is one of the most dynamic businesses in the world and some destinations have emerged to be the most fashionable of the lot. While people all across the globe travel for different reasons, if you are one who loves to shop or admire the best the fashion world has to offer, these cities should be on your must-visit list. From Milan to Melbourne, here’s a list of the top ten fashion capitals in the world to shop in. Also Read - Over 19 People Killed in Massive Forest Fire in China’s Sichuan Province


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Without a doubt, Paris is definitely one of the most fashionable cities in the world and hosts the prestigious Paris Fashion Week where some of the most coveted designers of the world come together to showcase their collections. Keeping the fashion show aside, the city is always buzzing with new as well as classic fashion labels coming up with some of the most trendy clothing. No wonder, the city has given the world labels like Dior, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and many others. If not designer labels, Paris is also known for its boutique shops that sell everything from classic to new styles.

New York

New York skyline at night

If there’s another city that can give a tough competition to Paris in fashion it is definitely New York. The city is also known for its fashion week and the fashion even though very chic and trendy, is different from Paris. New York is also home to many fashion schools like Paris, and some of the top fashion publication as well as designer houses have their offices in this city. New York is known more for its street wear labels that are famous all over the world for their style and wearability.



Another great city known for its fashion labels and streets dedicated to designer shops, London too is among the top fashion capitals of the world. From Bond Street to Oxford Street, fashionistas from all over come here to shop in London. The city is also known for its fine tailoring and is home to some of the top brands in the world including Jimmy Choo. London has a blend of both, the subdued yet elegant British wear as well as influences from other cultures that paint the city in different colors.



If luxury and opulence is what you look for in your clothes, Milan is your best bet as some of the most luxurious houses have originated from this city. Think Gucci, Prada, Versace, Fendi, think Milan. Milan is more of a fashion icon thanks to its fashion labels and the runway here displays some of the most elegant wear in the world. While elaborate women’s wear is still a thing, men are moving to more casual and athletic wear and the opulence showcased in these collections are slowly changing to match these sensibilities now.



Melbourne is more of an upcoming fashion capital and it is surely leaving its mark in the world. The Australian city is known for its creative scene and street wear style that is slowly being noticed by other cities as well. With influences from Europe and Australia the fashion scene here is fast emerging as one of the best in the world. You will find boutiques as well as international labels in Melbourne and there are many homegrown labels of Melbourne that are leaving their imprint in the fashion market.


Sunset view Tokyo1

If eccentric and rebellious fashion is to be found somewhere on the streets, it is on the streets of Japan’s capital Tokyo. The most cutting edge and bizarre designs emerge from this city making it stand out in the crowd and that is what makes Tokyo one of the top fashion capitals in the world. The city has this going for it and many designers who call it their home come out with something shocking every time on the runway. The various subcultures in the city are an inspiration for many of the designs found here.



Some of the most wearable and sober wear are designed in Copenhagen which does not mean that isn’t a fashionable city. In fact, this very reason has granted it the status of featuring in most recent fashion capitals list. The Danish city is home to some of the best street wear that is avante garde, wearable and stylish at the same time. You may not know many brands that come from here but several top designer brands are looking at Copenhagen for inspiration of their new collections.

Los Angeles

los angeles

The city may not be fashionably at par with the likes of Paris or New York and was earlier known for its casual style of distressed denims, cool tees and flip-flops, but LA is fast emerging as a fashion capital too. The fashion sensibilities are still the same but the styling is much better thanks to the new homegrown brands coming up. Rodeo Drive and Hollywood’s proximity also leave their impact on the fashion scene of Los Angeles. The city is for those who do not want to go all the way but be fashionable in an effortless and comfortable way.



If minimalism is what you love, Stockholm has emerged a winner among all the other European cities. It is known for its simple yet chic styles that are always in vogue and never go wrong. Sweden is known for its designs and not just in the fashion world but designers from its capital are experimenting to stay on top of trends and even inspire a few on the runway. You will find several boutiques and flagship stores in Stockholm and one look at them is enough to tell you just how stylishly evolved the city is, clearly occupying a spot in the top ten fashion capitals of the world.



If you want fresh, contemporary and raw fashion, Seoul is your answer. The city may have stiff competition from big guns like China and Japan but this South Korean city has stuck to its own and emerged as a fashion capital in the recent past. You will find enough evidence that it fits the bill from its past fashion weeks. Seoul is best known for its street style and casual-chic attire and the blend of cultures showcased in simple fabrics. The city is surely one to watch out for.

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