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Mumbai, the City of Dreams, has several spots that make it special. For those of you who are visiting Mumbai for the first time or are looking for attractions that are on the most popular list, here’s something for you. According to a survey conducted by marketing research firm AC-Neilsen, it found the most visited tourist attractions in the city over a period of three months. So if you want to click photos against some of the most iconic spots in the Maximum City, here’s where you should go. Also Read - Mumbai Houses a Good Number of Temples, Here Are 11 You Must Visit

1. Gateway of India


One of the most iconic landmarks that represent Mumbai to the world, a visit to this monument is a must. Located in south of Mumbai, the Arabian sea and the adjoining Taj Mahal Palace Hotel are other attractions next to Gateway of India. Also Read - These 6 Irani Cafes in Mumbai Will Definitely Take You Back in Time

2. Siddhivinayak Temple


One of the richest temples in India, the Siddhivinayak temple is known for its architecture and the idol of Lord Ganesha that fulfills all your wishes. When here, don’t forget to make a wish in the rat’s ear that is inside the temple complex.

3. Haji Ali


One of the most popular dargahs in the country, Haji Ali was built in 1431 and is on a small islet in the Arabian Sea. The white dome and Mughal architecture are one of the best on display here.

4. Elephanta Caves


A ferry ride away from Mumbai are the Elephanta Caves and have sculptures of Hindu and Buddhist cultures. It is known for its rock-cut architecture and caves that date back to the 5th century.

5. Mahalaxmi Temple

Photograph courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Photograph courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Another temple attraction of Mumbai that is right on the edge of the sea is the Mahalaxmi Temple. Before you enter the temple you will find shops and vendors selling flowers and other things that can be offered to the goddess idol inside. Once inside the temple, you get a clear sea view which is breathtaking.

6. Jehangir Art Gallery

jehangir art gallery

Founded by Sir Cowasji Jehangir in 1952, this gallery is a must-visit for anyone who loves art. The entry is free and you will find several exhibitions and paintings inside it. Handicrafts and sculptures are also on display here.

7. Price of Wales Museum


Renamed the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangahralaya, the Prince of Wales museum has 50,000 exhibits related to Indian history, art and archaeology. The architecture of this monument shows the influence of the Jain, Mughal and Maratha clans.

8. Nehru Planetarium

Photograph courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Photograph courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

If you are interested in astronomy, a visit to the Nehru Planetarium is a must. Built in 1977, it hosts lectures, exhibitions and tours for children and adults. There is also a library where you will find books on Pandit Nehru and his vision for India in the field of science.

9. Hanging Garden


Perched on top of Malabar Hills, Hanging Gardens are terrace gardens with some of the best views of the city and sea. One of the USPs here is that the trees are shaped like animals making it an attraction for kids. Take a walk here and watch the sunset in the evening.

10. Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Photograph courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Photograph courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

A protected area, this national park is spread over 104 square km and is also one of the most visited parks in the country. Kanheri caves which are rock cliffs are also within the park and it boasts of rich flora and fauna. You can also hire a bicycle and explore it on a bike if you don’t want to walk.

Photographs: Shutterstock