Nothing can put a person off more than a dingy, dirty place and when it comes to taking someone out for a dinner or lunch date, most would prefer being in a place that puts them at ease. There are some restaurants that have all the amenities required for a romantic setting, and then there are some that don’t. For a restaurant to stay on top, it needs to ensure that it provides good food, customer service, and also a great ambiance.Also Read - Video Of An Employee Taking Bath in Restaurant Kitchen Sink Disgusts Netizens | Watch

So here are 10 things that you could do to turn your restaurant into a spot for romance. Also Read - These 10 Restaurants in Delhi Have Settings Ideal For a Romantic Date


When setting up your restaurant, you need to ensure that it is not overly crowded with tables and chairs, as most would not want to be overheard when it is just a party of two. While it might not always be that the customers are couples looking to spend time alone, do ensure that you have little secluded spots around the restaurant where those looking for some privacy are not disturbed. Also Read - For an Experience in Fine Dining, Eat at These 7 Restaurants in Mumbai


Pastel or light colours usually work in creating a romantic atmosphere, as opposed to gaudy or glaringly bright shades. Pastel colours tend to make people relax more and help in putting them at ease. Placing flowers on tables or growing leafy green plants in pots and placing them around the place will give it a fresh feel.


Most times restaurants will have straight back chairs around square tables, and while they could work for the general public, they would not be comfortable and relaxing for a cozy conversation. It is all about making the person feel at home, and soft plush cushions and sofas usually do the trick.


What will make a place look even more cozy, is its soft mellow lighting. When the lights are too bright, it gives people the impression of being constantly under watch and it ends up putting them on edge. Candles can create a warm feeling and make them relax or you could go for dimmer lights.


Matching crockery made of china, ceramic or porcelain and a nice, clean tablecloth that is light in colour will add to the coziness. You could place forks, spoons, knives and other items like salt and pepper in a pretty holder so they do not clutter the table. It would also be nice if there are different glasses for drinking water or wine.


Music plays a big part in setting the mood, and for a romantic candle light dinner, there should be soft music playing in the background. If the music is too loud, guests would not be able to converse among themselves and it would put a dampener on their restaurant experience.


One thing that really makes a person feel welcome is a friendly face, and add to that personalised service and you will have a happy guest in your hands. Showing your caring instead of just taking a guest’s food order will show that you have the person’s interest in mind. Ensuring they are comfortable and trying to please them, within limits of course, will go a long way in making their experience an unforgettable and hopefully a repeatable one.

8. FOOD:

The saying, “The way to a man’s heart is through the stomach”, usually applies to all. Being able to serve what the guest or customer wants, will have many more flocking to your restaurant, and when the food looks and tastes good, your guests are sure to enjoy their restaurant experience more.


A clean and proper washroom also matters, as guests would not feel like eating and drinking if they see how dirty and messy it is. Ensure that there is sufficient soap, water and paper towels for guests to use after they are done.


Most times restaurants are in such a hurry to clear a table that they serve the bill while the guests are still eating. This is one thing that will definitely put a customer off. Wait for them to either signal you for the bill or go up to them and ask politely if they are ready to close their tab. One more helpful tip that a restaurant can employ is providing guests with the option of splitting the bill, after all, nobody wants to be saddled with paying more than they can afford.