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Trust Cox & Kings to understand the travel industry better than most others in the business. The leading travel company has recently conducted a survey on ‘Top Vegetarian-Friendly Destinations and Preferences of Indian Vegetarian Outbound Travelers’ and the results may be surprising. Dubai, the United Kingdom and Singapore have topped the list of most preferred Vegetarian-Friendly destinations for Indian vegetarian travelers. Conducted from January to March 2017 with a sample size of 5000 respondents in the 20- 65 years age group, the survey was extensive and was expected to bear useful insights. And it did just that! According to the survey, other destinations preferred by vegetarians for holidaying are USA, Switzerland, Malaysia, Israel, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. Thanks to India’s growing population in these destinations which has led to an increase in the number of vegetarian and Indian restaurants here, these holiday spots are becoming the top choices for Indian vegetarian tourists. ALSO SEE 10 countries that love vegetarians Also Read - Are Sanitary Napkins Not 'Essential' Enough to be COVID-19 Lockdown Exception?

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Another important fact brought to light by this survey is that ‘Cuisine’ is the most important factor while finalizing a holiday. It turns out that 70% of the vegetarian travelers choose their destination based on accessibility to vegetarian food. 71% of the vegetarian travelers chose Vegetarian Tours over Cosmopolitan Tours, as this assures them of the availability of vegetarian meals. According to the survey, hotels with vegetarian restaurants are preferred by 53% of the vegetarian travelers, whereas only 20% will be fine with a multi cuisine restaurant. Another major revelation in the Cox & Kings survey was that 85% of the younger generation between the age group of 20-45 are open to Cosmopolitan Tours where they are served veg food, whereas majority of the travelers from the age group of 46-65 years would necessarily opt for a group tour that assures vegetarian food. This shows how age also plays a big role in choice of tours and packages. DO SEE 5 best vegetarian thali joints in Mumbai

Demand for vegetarian tours were seen coming mostly from the states of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu. The length of a vacation was also seen to be influenced by the type of cuisine available and the destination itself. Travelers would carry ready-to-eat pre-packaged food like Noodles, Upma etc. on shorter trips but for vacations spanning more than 5 days, travelers preferred a vegetarian-friendly holiday spot. So, if you are a vegetarian traveler planning your next trip abroad, you know which are the best countries to choose from. NOW SEE Top 10 pure veg restaurants in Mumbai

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