New Delhi: When it comes to planning an international trip, travelling is never easier for Indian citizens as they need a visa besides their passport. As of now, the Indian passport ranks 82 in the global list with the most powerful passport being Japan, stated a report.

To do away with the tedious process of obtaining a travel visa, travel to countries where you do not require a visa.

Check out these top 10 countries which allow Indian citizens to travel without a visa:

1. Mauritius:

One cannot miss Mauritius and its welcoming holiday resorts. This island nation is known for its surreal beaches and reefs.

2. Fiji:

Fiji must be on the top of the bucket list of every adventure seekers. Located in the South Pacific, this archipelago comprises over 300 islands. Fiji is best known for its rugged landscapes, lined with palm trees. One can also find the colourful coral reefs in its clear lagoons.

3. Hong Kong:

You can visit Hong Kong by just filling up an online form. This country is buzzing with markets, pubs, restaurants. Perhaps, adding to its spectacular skyline are a large number of skyscrapers.

4. Jamaica:

Blessed with lush rainforests, mountains and beaches,  this Caribbean island nation mountains is a threat to tourists. One can find all-inclusive resorts in the Montego Bay of Jamaica.

5. Nepal:

Located close to India is Nepal. This country is for aspiring mountaineers and other travel enthusiasts. The Himalayan beauty will certainly leave you in a state of fascination.

6. Cook Islands:

The Cook Islands are the perfect visa-free holiday destination for Indians who would love to explore the 15 islands located in the South Pacific. Interesting these islands is said to be politically linked to New Zealand. Don’t miss this one!

7. Ecuador:

As the name suggests, Ecuador lies on the Equator between Colombia and Peru. Situated in north-western South America, this country houses the Amazon jungle, the Andean highlands and the Galápagos Islands.

8. Bhutan:

For those who want to travel visa-free to a country where happiness is assured, visit Bhutan. One can explore Buddhism at Bhutan, a country known for its peaceful monasteries and fortresses. Notably, this Buddhist kingdom is situated on the eastern edge of the mighty Himalayas.

9. Macau:

Want to play Casino games and chill at Las Vegas? Then plan a vacation to Macau to experience the fun side of the country. Besides, you will also get to see an interesting combination of Portuguese and Chinese aspects in their buildings.

10. Samoa:

This is a country in Oceana which comprises two main islands namely Savai’i and Upolu, in addition to four other smaller islands.

These are the top 10 countries that permit easy entry to an Indian citizen without the requirement of visa documents.