Tucked away in Arunachal Pradesh, Araku Valley is home to picturesque hill stations, pristine beaches and gorgeous temples. You’ll be spoilt for choice win it comes to things to do here; the lush greenery and pleasant climate throughout the year only make it difficult for you to pick your sight-seeing options. The weather in April and May, however, is perfect for adventure activities like hiking, trekking and caving. Here are the top three things you must do when in Araku Valley:

Borra Caves

Borra Caves are an architectural marvel and are often considered to be a phenomenal creation of nature. The caves also hold a record of being the longest and deepest in India. To help travellers explore the length and breadth of these caves, halogen lamps have been put up everywhere. And that is what makes it such a unique experience. The natural rock formations of stalactite and stalagmite inside the caves are worth every bit of effort.

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Coffee Museum

If you’re a coffee lover, you’re in for a real treat at the Coffee Museum located inside the Araku Valley Coffee House. What you are exposed to here is the various stages of how coffee is processed. In addition, you will also get to know about the gorgeous coffee plantations in the area. Apparently, it is believed that coffee was first introduced to the Eastern Ghats through Araku. Don’t forget to take home some coffee souvenirs from here.

Dumbriguda Waterfalls 

For the perfect afternoon picnic, visit Dumbriguda Waterfalls with your loved ones. The beautiful stream cutting through the rock formations is a treat to the eyes. However, it’s advised to tread here with caution since these rocks are quite slippery. You can also get your perfect Instagram picture on your visit here.