Kolkata may be the cultural capital of India but it also serves some mean and lip-smacking  street food too! There’s no way you can go to Kolkata and not have any (no scratch that, ALL of these dishes). We pick our five most favorite (and also tell you where we like to have ’em)!

You too can list your most favorite street food place. Tell us about it in the comments section below (don’t forget to also help us with its address and telephone numbers!)

1. Puchka 


Puchka, Kolkata’s most famous street food delicact is probably best known in Mumbai as paani puri. But there is a lot more to puchka than paani puri. Puchka comes with fillings of yogurt (dahi), tamarind water, mint water… and sometimes even vodka. Puchka is that perfect combination of crunch, sweetness and spice that explodes in your mouth leaving a tantalizing aftertaste leaving you begging for more. 

Where to eat:

Dilipda’s Puchkas, Vivekananda Park, Paschim Putiary, Kolkata

Ram Gupta’s Puchkas, Victoria Memorial, Queens Way, Kolkata

2. Ghugni Chaat


Ghugni is your a typical Bengali food item made out of a combination of white and yellow peas boiled together. Toss in a mixture of onion, coriander and chilly, along with lots of tamarind and mint and you have what Mumbaikars call ragda. Cheap yet filling, it isn’t surprising that Ghugni is very popular among the rich and poor alike. The fact that it can be found easily on the corner of every street in Kolkata helps a great deal.

Where to eat:

New Market (Opposite Bombay Dyeing), Kolkata

Dacres Lane, Kolkata


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3. Jhal Muri 


And then there is Jhal Muri. Call it bhel at your own risk because unlike bhel, which is a delightful mixture of all kinds of ingredients, jhal muri  requires almost no preparation (such as making chutneys). So, while most of the ingredients of the two dishes are the same, jhal muri is far simpler to toss up and a perfect teatime snack. Puffed rice is mixed with chopped onions, chillies, tomatoes, coriander, spices and nuts and the mixture is tossed in mustard oil. This light yet entirely satisfying dish is a great in-between meals snack that won’t exactly set your cholesterol soaring. If you aren’t carrying it in your snack box to work (it tends to get soggy because of the tomatoes), the ever-present muri wallahs around every street corner will be happy to whip a plate up for you!

Where to eat:

Jhal Muri vendor, Opposite Jawaharlal Nehru Rd, Kolkata

Triangular Park, South Kolkata

4. Telebhaja


Telebhaja basically refers to a variety of deep fried vegetables such as, onion, potato, eggplant and pumpkin in a batter of gram flour (or besan) along with various spices and seasoning accordingly. This dish is usually served along with a spicy, tangy chutney and lots of deep-fried chillies.

Where to eat:

Vardhaan Market, Camac Street, Kolkata

The Six Russel Street, Russel Street, Kolkata

5. Aloo Kabli 


There’s so much you can do with the humble potato in India — from aloo tikki to aloo chaat and dum aloo and beyond! Aloo Kabli is a mixture of boiled cubes of potato (or full-sized baby potatoes) tossed with roasted chick peas, chopped onions, tomatoes, coriander, tamarind paste, chopped chillies along with a variety of spices and salt. If there’s one word to describe this delectable piece of heaven, it’d be ‘Yum!’

Where to eat

Kalika Mukhorochak, Surya Sen Street (towards College Square), Kolkata

If vegetarian is not your thing head to Kusum’s on Park Street for their famous Kathi rolls or to Arsalan in the Park Circus area for it special variety of biryani!

You too can list your most favorite street food place. Tell us about it in the comments section below (don’t forget to also help us with its address and telephone numbers!)