While the most famed sun temple in India is the Konark Sun Temple in Odisha, there are a dozen others worth a visit. If you’re a history aficionado and a lover of great architecture, you’re in for a treat because here are some incredible sun temples that you can explore.Also Read - 52 Staff Of Gwalior’s Jai Vilas Palace, Scindia School Test COVID Positive, in Isolation Now

Bhramanya Dev Temple at Unao, Madhya Pradesh Also Read - Madhya Pradesh Panchayat Elections 2022: Polls To Be Held In 3 Phases, First Phase On Jan 6 | Check Full Schedule Here

Known to cure people from blindness and skin diseases, the highlight of Bhramanya Dev Temple is the presiding deity that is placed on a brick platform, wrapped up in black plates. The idol is said to be engraved with twenty-one triangles, which represents the 21 phases of sun. Also Read - 70-Year-Old Gwalior Man Carves 'Namokar Mantra' on Electric Bulbs Using Hammer & Chisel | Watch

Dakshinaarka Temple at Gaya, Bihar

At the Dakshinaarka Temple, devotees make their offerings to their ancestors at the Dakshina Maanas Tank which is situated right in front of the temple. There are numerous old images of the Sun God at this temple; not found anywhere else in India. Built in the 13th-century, the temple has immense historical significance since it was made under the supervision of a king who was a devout worshiper of the Sun God.

Konark Sun Temple, Odisha

Constructed in the 13th-century, the Konark Sun Temple attracts people from all over the globe, thanks to its magnificent architecture. Also known as the Black Pagoda Temple by the locals, the temple was constructed to resemble a 100 feet chariot, all carved from sandstone. The temple however, is now in ruins and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in the year 1984.

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Sun Temple at Modhera, Gujarat

Built in the 11th-century, the Sun Temple at Modhera was designed in such a manner that the rays of the sun would enter the temple directly and fall on the image of Surya. The temple today, however, is a protected monument maintained by the Archeological Survey Of India.

Vivasvan Sun Temple, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

Built of red sand stone in the year 1988, Vivasvan Sun Temple is inspired from Konark Sun Temple and concurrently, looks a lot like it. It has quickly become one of the most visited attractions in Gwalior, thanks to its serene environs and well-maintained garden.