Summer is a great time for Indians to take a trip abroad, isn’t it? Just as the heat begins to kill our patience in the month of May, what can be better than a foreign vacation to a place where the cool, pleasant weather welcomes you with arms and landscapes wide open?And if it is the cumbersome visa application processes you are worried about, then you would be happy to know that there is a whole bunch of countries that offer visa on arrival to Indians. All you need is a flight ticket and enough money to spend on your trip and the authorities at the airport will help you with the rest. Also Read - Worse Yet to Come? India Overtakes Spain to Become 5th Worst-hit Country by COVID-19

So, why hold back? Just pick one of the six amazing visa on arrival countries you can visit in the month of May and take off on that vacation you deserve. Also Read - BEST Buses to Resume Services From Monday | Here Are The New Rules

1. Cape Verde

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Located in the Atlantic, Cape Verde is often called the Galapagos of Africa. Offering visa on arrival to Indians, Cape Verde is one of the finest offbeat destinations to visit.From beaches to volcanic hot springs and deserts, Cape Verde has it all and deserves to be visited before it gets too crowded in the future.

Minimum temperature: 22 degrees C

Maximum temperature: 28 degrees C

2. Seychelles


Turquoise waters and a long coastline with stunning landscapes is what Seychelles is all about. There are few places in the world that are as romantic as Seychelles. The summer here is warm but not harsh like in India making it a great holiday spot with lots of wind, water and sunshine.

Minimum temperature: 26 degree C

Maximum temperature: 30 degree C

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3. Madagascar

Image: IamNotUnique/Creative Commons

Image: IamNotUnique/Creative Commons

Made hugely popular by the animated movie with adorable characters, Madagascar is an exotic holiday spot. If you love beaches and friendly people, lip-smacking food and merry dancing, Madagascar is the place for you. Add to this the sprawling rain-forests and amazing wildlife and what you have is one of the most underrated vacation destinations in the world.

Minimum temperature: 13 degree C

Maximum temperature: 24 degree C

4. Guyana


Another location known for its stunning rain-forests  and wildlife is Guyana located on the North Atlantic coast of South America. If you are an architecture enthusiast, you will admire the colonial architecture in its capital city Georgetown. The music and dance culture of Guyana makes it a fantastic spot for a fun-filled holiday.

Minimum temperature: 23 degree C

Maximum temperature: 29 degree C

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5. Cook Islands

Image: Nikzane/Creative Commons

Image: Nikzane/Creative Commons

Consisting of 15 breathtaking islands, Cook islands is one of the most scenic getaways for those who are fed up of their office cubicles. It is extremely popular with scuba diving enthusiasts and those who love the ocean. Its blue lagoons and white coral churches make it a dreamy vacation spot for honeymooners.

Minimum temperature: 23 degree C

Maximum temperature: 27 degree C

6. Fiji

Image: 1Nine8Four/Creative Commons

Image: 1Nine8Four/Creative Commons

And then there is Fiji, an archipelago of more than 300 islands in the South Pacific. Be it the exotic holiday resorts or the stunning mountain views, the mesmerizing lagoons or the stunning marine life, Fiji is a delight for those interested in offbeat but beautiful holidays. The scenic beauty of the islands coupled with the adrenaline of water sporting activities make Fiji and all-rounder in holiday spots.

Minimum temperature: 20 degree C

Maximum temperature: 26 degree C

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