If you’re somebody who’s constantly changing cities for jobs, you may know that living in a particular city can make or break your budget. While those living in Mumbai always complain about the soaring house rents, and overall expensive lifestyle, people living in Delhi are never distressed about paying any kind of rentals. Here’s your top cities for a budgeted lifestyle.

New Delhi

Delhi not only offers a comparatively low housing costs as opposed to Mumbai, but also boasts of large open spaces, better job opportunities, pocket-friendly transport, and over all budget-friendly living.


Despite being the booming corporate hub, Bangalore has a decent cost of living. It is among the top cities for a budget-friendly stay. Couple that with Bangalore’s year-round pleasant temperature, low-cost food and you have a great option to consider. However, the transport connecting the city is yet to give a seamless experience to daily commuters.


Chennai is best known for its inexpensive rental properties. Club that with low cost food and entertainment, making Chennai one of the most affordable cities in the country. With mortgage amounts that are known to take up a fraction of your monthly income, Chennai is also famed for its rich culture, great educational institute, job opportunities and of course the long stretch of serene beaches lining its shore.


Though Kolkata is a metropolitan city, the cost of living here is often at par with three-tier cities. It is a city where you can live in the best of areas, and eat at the best of places and still not have a dent in your pocket. To top it all, it is a place where tons is happening in terms of theatre, art and culture. However, this city does not have a strong job market.