Tucked in the south-eastern range of the Aravalli’s, Bundi, also known as the ‘Blue City’ is like an oasis in the middle of Rajasthan. Famous mostly for its temples, mansions, forts, step-wells and palaces, Bundi has been a traveller’s delight for decades now, and has featured extensively from books (Rudyard Kipling’s in Kim) to movies (Satyajit Ray’s Sonar Kella). Here are the major attractions from the historic town: Also Read - Rajasthan Shocker: Man Rapes Friend's 58-Year-old Mother in Alwar

Raniji Ki Baori Also Read - Maharashtra Makes Covid-19 Negative Report Mandatory For Travellers From Delhi, Rajasthan, Goa, Guajrat

A well-known step-well of Bundi and built in 1699 by the youngest queen of Rao Raja Anirudh Singh, Raniji Ki Baori has a depth of 46m and has a narrow entrance to the multi-storey structure. The highlight of the step-well are its pillars with intricate carvings and a different sculpture for worshipping on its different storeys. Also Read - Rs 25,000 Fine For Weddings With More Than 100 Guests in Rajasthan | Fresh Guidelines Here

Garh Palace

Covering a large part of Bundi, Garh Palace was built under the rule of Maharao Balwant Singh. A complex of forts; the little forts surrounding the main resident fort were built by the different rulers of Bundi. Though the murals on the walls have faded, they are interesting all the same. The palace is built in true Rajput style of architecture and is an excellent example of the architectural brilliance of that time.

Taragarh Fort

Located atop a hill, this 14th-century fort is one of the best forts in Rajasthan and a fine example of Rajput style of architecture. It is believed that the huge fort has some secret tunnels which are unmapped to date. The fort is also where you’ll come across the famous Bundi style of murals and paintings galore. Badal Mahal, surrounding Taragarh Fort, is also a must-visit if you wish to explore the influence of Chinese culture on the murals and paintings.

While it takes 5 hours to reach Bundi from Jaipur by road, it takes only one hour to reach here from Kota by road.