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Goa situated in the south-west region of India is one of the most popular and most visited destinations by people from all across the globe. By area, Goa is certainly the smallest state of our country and population-wise the fourth smallest, however it is also one of those very few states of India that has been ranked high for their quality of living. Popularly called as the land of beaches, Goa has been attracting tourists for quite some time now. Goa has always attracted tourists and has an image of playing host to one of the most happening parties of the country. Also Read - COVID19: Check Latest Travel Guidelines For Goa, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand And Karnataka

Some visit Goa for the parties, while there are others who explore Goa only for their beaches. Whatever the reason may be, the fact remains that you don’t really need to look for a reason to visit this beach land. Also Read - COVID Travel Updates, June 14: Indian States And Foreign Countries Where Tourists Are Allowed Now

Now you know that you often spot so many foreigners in Goa. The laid-back vibe and also the trance parties are a major attraction point. Goa is situated just few kilometers away from Mumbai and Bangalore and hence it is also easily accessible. If you are planning to visit Goa anytime soon, we would suggest that you explore the beaches that make this place so famous. You could also consider going the offbeat path, but sometimes doing the usual is also a lot of fun.

So we have listed down the top five beaches of Goa with few accommodations options as well so that you are well prepared for your trip. From the best beach in India to one of the best in the world Goa has them all. Here is our list for you.

1. Mandrem Beach

Photograph courtesy: Arun gopalan/Creative Commons

Photograph courtesy: Arun Gopalan/Creative Commons

Mandrem Beach that is located in north Goa is one of its best kept secrets. Said to be one of the most beautiful beaches of Asia, Mandrem is laid0-back, tranquil and a treat to the eyes. This beach for long has been a favorite spot for honeymooners. This beach still remains under explored because it is secluded and doesn’t see too many tourists as compared to other beaches of Goa. For a holiday away from crowd, this beach serves as an ideal place. It treats to you to peace, relaxation and rejuvenation. Situated very close to Arambol beach, Mandrem is where you should be if you want to just unwind and relax in the company of nature and breathtaking views. The sunsets that can be viewed from this beach are worth watching. Do not go there expecting any adventure activities or water sports. The beach is also home to several quaint beach huts that accommodates tourists. Also there are many hotels that are closely located to the beach. So if you are planning to visit Mandrem Beach, you can choose from any of the hotels that we have mentioned here. River Beach Resort (Tariff-Rs 4500 per night, Distance from beach- 1.63 km), Boomerang Ashvem(Tariff- Rs 3500 per night, Distance from the beach- 0.92 km) and Rococco Ashvem ( Tariff- Rs 4500, Distance from the beach- 0.98 km) are some of the stay options that you can consider when you are visiting Mandem beach. The sparkling sands of Mandrem beach are sure to leave you awestruck. ALSO READ 5 beaches in Goa that foreigners love!

2. Agonda Beach

Photograph copurtesy: magnusVk/Creative Commons

Photograph courtesy: magnusVk/Creative Commons

One of the most popular and also the best beach of India is the Agonda beach that is an absolute delight to the eyes. It is also said to be one of the most scenic beaches of Asia. Do you need any more reasons of why you must definitely visit Agonda beach whenever in Goa. Situated in South Goa, this beach sees all sorts of travelers. Backpackers, beach bums, swimmers, people who just sun bathe and relax and those who love meditating. It has a piece of everything for any kind of tourist. You could also just read your favorite book in the company of cool breeze and the sound of the waves. Even though this beach is pretty popular among people, it comes as a surprise that it sees fewer crowds which means that you will also be treated to lots of privacy to do your own thing and is also a lot cleaner. The beach also has dolphin spotting that you can experience by simply taking a boat ride. It may cost you around Rs 800, but you do not have to pay if you don’t spot a dolphin. Paragliding, windsurfing and swimming are the other water sports activities that you can do at Agonda. You could also rent a tent and camp by the shores of Agonda and star gaze the night away. Trust us; you would not want to go back. Another best feature of this beach is the precious and rare Olive Ridley Turtles that you can see in the turtle centre. If you love such sights, you must visit this attraction. Agonda is situated at just 90 minutes distance from the Dabolim Airport and hence reaching here is also not a problem. Avoid swimming here during high tide as the sea can get quite unruly.

For accommodation you do not have to worry since there plethora of options to choose from. A stay at the Rama Resort will cost you around Rs 3000. This resort is one of the most popular ones and gets your bookings done in advance. The other options are: Agonda White Sand- Tariff- Rs 3300 per night), Madhu Beach huts (Tariff- Rs 1800 per night), Kashinath Beach Huts (Tariff- Rs 1000 approximately are some of the other options that you can consider. Also do not worry about food since you know in Goa you will be served one of the best delicacies. There are several popular eateries around the beach and you do not have to travel too far to relish good food. And since it is situated at an hour’s drive from Margao station, there are no traveling woes that you need to deal with.

3. Baga Beach

Photograph courtesy: Saurabh Sharma/ Creative Commons

Photograph courtesy: Saurabh Sharma/ Creative Commons

Another very popular beach in Goa is the Baga beach that is renowned for its water sports, parties and an amazing nightlife along with delicious seafood that is served at shacks. And when it is peak season, you will see Baga Beach lined up with many of such shacks serving mouth watering food to tourists. In case you weren’t aware, the National Wind Surfing Championship is held at Baga Beach every year between September and November. So if you are a true adventure junkie and love water sports, you know when to explore this beautiful beach of Goa. Apart from wind surfing you can also enjoy the banana boat rides and also parasailing. It will cost you anywhere from Rs 500 to Rs 1000. Baga beach also arranges for a dolphin cruise but there is no guarantee of spotting dolphins. The road that takes you to the beach also has several shops that sell footwear and funky bags. So for all you shoppers, this place is pure paradise. And now that you have already decided to explore Baga Beach, there are several other things that you could do in and around Baga. For instance, you can learn how to make guitar at Jungle Guitars that provides a 20 day course. They teach you how to make a guitar step by step from the start. Also you could take scuba diving lessons.

There are several stay options around Baga beach that are closely situated and are also very comfortable. These accommodation options range from mid range to luxurious and also budget. Cavala Seaside Resort (Tariff- Rs 4500), Baga Marina Beach Resort (Tariff- Rs 3900 approximately per night), Hotel Bonaza( Tarff- Rs 2700 per night approximately and Resort Lagoa Azul ( Tariff- Rs 3000 per night approximately)are some of the many good options for accommodation near Baga Beach. Apart from the food that will be served at shacks and at these restaurants, there are several other places that you must visit especially if you are a foodie. Brito’s, Casa Portuguese and Cafe LA Musica are some of the most popular eateries in Baga. Baga is situated very close to Panaji at a distance of 15 km and 15 minutes away from Mapusa. So because it is easily accessible, you should definitely put Baga in your list of beaches to explore in Goa.

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4. Candolim Beach

Photograph courtesy: Amit Rawat/Creative Commons

Photograph courtesy: Amit Rawat/Creative Commons

The next beach that goes in our lost of the top loves beaches in Goa is Candolim beach. Situated at a distance of 13 km at north of Panaji, this beach hosts thousands of tourists and visitors every year. The long stretch of road that leads to Candolim beach has a line of restaurants and many shops selling all kinds of stuff. Though it is very close to Calangute beach, it is comparatively a lot less crowded. The laid back vibe, beautiful sunset views makes for a perfect place for people who love visiting beaches to unwind and relax. For those who love adventure, Candolim will not cease to amaze you. The beach has many water sports activities like water skiing and also parasailing. Unlike other beaches you also wouldn’t find any resorts near the beach. But that shouldn’t be reason of concern since there are resorts and hotels that are situated at a close distance from Candolim. There is no dearth of accommodation options around the beach. Some of the many options are Lemon Tree Resort (Tariff- Rs 7000 per night approximately), Highland Beach Resort( Tariff- Rs 4760 approximately for a night’s stay) and Whispering Palms Beach Resort (Tariff- Rs 7100 approximately) are some of the best hotels that you can consider staying at when you are in and around Candolim or even Calangute. If you visit Goa during peak season, Candolim beach is what you should explore to escape from the other crowded beaches. During those times, Candolim comes as a great escape. One of the longest beaches of Goa, an interesting feature about this beach is dunes situated right at the back of Candolim. This is one of the biggest reasons why tourists flock in large numbers to visit Candolim. Another interesting feature about this beautiful beach is the River Princess that is a ship. It is said that this ship has been at the shores of Candolim from 2000 and from that very moment till today it has become a part of tourist attractions. With so many reasons that we have given you, you now know that Candolim must not be missed. ALSO READ Top 6 places for sightseeing in goa you must not miss!

5. Cavelossim Beach

Photograph courtesy: Fredrick Noronah/Creative Commons

Photograph courtesy: Fredrick Noronah/Creative Commons

Situated at the mouth of Sal River, Cavelossim beach is serene, flanked by paddy fields and coconut groves. As most tourists head for the more popular beaches, Cavelossim witnesses less crowds. Its contrasting black rocks and white sand make it a delightful beach for a pleasant evening. You will not able to resist falling love with the allure and charm of this beach that is also popular because it is relatively a lot less crowded than most beaches that you see in Goa. If you have been planning a holiday to Goa to get away from the city chaos and noise, a walk by this beach is all it will take for you to feel in peace and all rejuvenated. Beautifully flanked by coconut groves, the beach also houses many high end resorts. And that makes accommodation easy and comfortable at Cavelossim beach. If you want to feel pampered, you must check into the Leela Goa Spa centre (Call- 0832-6621234). Yes, it does cost a lot, but if you don’t mind splurging for your own comfort and relaxation, you must try this place. The Leela is located very close to the beach and has a wide variety of spa services for you to choose from. From holistic to Ayurveda and a typically done body massage, there are a lot of therapies that is sure calm your senses.

Another interesting activity that you can take up is the cruise ride that takes you down to Sal River. On your cruise ride, you will be left awe struck with the beautiful sights of picturesque scenery and lush environs. And if you want to party and let your hair down, the Champions Beach Club is where you should be. It hosts one of the best DJ nights for people who love dance and music. Along with such a crazy night of party, the Beach Club also has many other activities like scuba diving, surfing and also cruising.