Earlier known as Vijaypura (the City of Victory), Bijapur has a long-standing history that dates back to the 11th and 12th centuries. It was founded by the Chalukyas, and then later ruled by the Adil Shah dynasty in the 14th century, during which time the city’s most important monuments were built. These structures have a story to tell, and are a must visit in this historic town. Also Read - Karnataka Reports 39,510 Fresh COVID Cases, 22,584 Discharges in Last 24 Hours

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Gol Bumbaz or the Round Dome was built in the 1600s to house the tomb of Muhammad Adil Shah. It is considered to be one of the largest domes in India and the second largest dome in the world. About 51 meters high and covering 18,000 square feet of land, the highlight of the structure is that it’s not supported by pillars. Also, the ‘Whispering Gallery’ inside the mausoleum is where even the softest sounds can be heard. Also Read - 14-Day Lockdown Begins in Karnataka. Strict Restrictions on Public Movement Till May 24 | Here's What You Should Know

Ibrahim Roza

One of the structures that inspired the design of ‘Taj Mahal’, Ibrahim Roza is the mausoleum of Sultan Ibrahim Adil Shah II and his Queen. Built in Persian Muslim architecture, the structure is carved out of a single slab of rock. The decorative carvings on its minarets and gateways and the stunning stone awnings make it a class apart.


Malik-e-Maidan (or the Monarch of the Plains) is one of the largest surviving medieval cannons in the world. It weighs a whopping 55 tons and is approximately 4 meters in length. It is believed that the gunners would have to take a dip in a water tank to protect their ears from the sound of the cannon.

Jami Masjid

The oldest and the largest mosque in South India, Jami Masjid covers an area of 116,300 square feet. Known for its majestic designs, the interiors of this mosque are meticulously crafted and are decorated with stunning paintings and murals.

Upli Burj

This 16th century watch tower, gives the most impressive panoramic views of the city. The 24 meter high structure can be scaled through winding circular stairs that lead you to the top of the tower.