While Meghalaya literally translates into the ‘abode of clouds,’ there’s a lot of natural beauty to be experienced on its land as well. From stunning flora to exotic fauna, the state is home to many wildlife parks and sanctuaries that preserve nature in its raw form. These are the parks you shouldn’t miss along with visiting the beautiful waterfalls, scenic mountains and other attractions in Meghalaya.

Nokrek National Park

About 45 kilometres from the city of Tura in the Garo Hills, the park is famous for being home to Hollock Gibbons, a rare type of gorilla. You will also spot wild elephants and the occasional ‘ape-man’ or the jungle-man who is said to have been sighted here in the past. The park is also a protected biosphere that houses various indigenous plants and herbs exclusive to this area.

Balpakram National Park

Known for its rich archaeological and geological importance, the park is a must-visit for the fossilised sea shells found here. Among the wildlife, you get to spot leopard, langur, boar and the rare golden cat. The park is also home to the very rare red panda. The river Simsang flows nearby along the famous Siju Bird Sanctuary.

Nongkhyllem Sanctuary

Spread across an area of 29 square kilometres, this park is known to be the home to various unique reptiles, birds and fauna. Among the commonly spotted wildlife are the Bengal tiger, black bear, leopard and other species at the verge of extinction such as the necked hornbill and the brown hornbill bird.

Baghmara Reserve Forest

Located in the South Garo Hills, Bhagmara is known for diverse flora and fauna such as pitcher plants and wild flowers to wild elephants and langur. You can witness the Garo community living a unique lifestyle here; the locals sell vegetables in make-shift shops along the road. The best time to visit is between Octobers to January when the birds are spotted in abundance.