Are you strangled in your every day’s obligations? Do you want to just leave everything aside and fulfill your wanderlust? What are you waiting for then? Go ahead and explore this magnificent world you are living in. Look for the most serene places and pay a visit. To help you get some fresh air and get lost in the beauty of the surrounding, here we talk about some of the mesmerizing and tranquil places in India.

Pangong Tso

You won’t find a place as serene and spectacular as Pangong Tso. Located in the remote area of Ladakh, Pangong Tso is famous for its natural beauty and beautiful lake. Everything from sunrise to sunset, to birds, flocking and animals, in this destination will make you feel as if you are literally in heaven.

Silent Valley National Park

Set amidst lush green forest and breathtaking view, Silent Valley National Park is located in the Kundali Hills of Kerala. Its just one sight is enough to make you fall in love with this place. Its rich flora and fauna, majestic peaks, and free-flowing rivers are indeed worth mentioning. The experience of just silently watching River Kunthi descending from the Nilgiri Hills and passing through this region is calming and incredibly refreshing.


Located in the Viluppuram district in the state of Tamil Nadu, Auroville is also known as the city of dawn. One of the major attractions of this place is MatriMandir, where people from various parts of the world come and meditate. You can also head towards Auroville beach, while you are in the city.


Popular for its beautiful churches and temples, Lansdowne is a hill station located in the state of Uttarakhand. It is a perfect destination to visit and feed your appetite for peace breaking all the symbolic shackles. Pack your belongings and come to this breathtakingly beautiful place.