A decade or so back, artificial intelligence or AI was considered to be a science fiction trope. Machines that could learn and adapt; it was the stuff of dystopian sci-fi stories. But today, it’s part of everyday work. People are making a career out of developing and working with artificial intelligence, and industries are thriving from all of this. One of those industries happens to be travel and tourism. Smart assistance on phones and applications with smart learning capabilities are commonplace today. And there is no sign of a robot uprising yet. Also Read - Centre Mulls Extending Nationwide Lockdown as COVID-19 Cases Near 5000-mark With 124 Deaths | Top Developments

AI is a game-changer, allowing machines to learn from and fluidly interact with humans. There is a growing number of opportunities for travel companies to bring in AI technology into their business. Several prominent ones, like Expedia, have already been using them to some extent. And while old souls might be a little worried about the rise of AI, it could actually be good for consumers as well as businesses. ALSO READ: Festivals and events in India in April 2017 that you cannot miss
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Artificial intelligence - 3D rendering

Artificial intelligence – 3D rendering

AI is at the forefront on how you plan your travel today. Around two decades back, you needed to stay in touch with a travel agent, collect information offline and online on trains and flights, and keep checking the details until the last minute. You had to be early, and you had to be thorough. It was a pain, but AI has made the process much smoother. Searching for flights and trains is automated, and the process of making bookings is easier too. But how is AI actually being used? Also Read - New York Leads Coronavirus Death Toll With 731 Fatalties in 24 Hours

Chatbots are being used by a lot of companies that lack the manpower to handle customers, but want to provide a more interactive customer service experience. You can find instant messaging interfaces on a lot of travel websites today, programmed to mimic a normal human conversation in the closest way possible. As you keep typing with the chatbot, the application learns and adapts, giving you the most appropriate information you need. Some applications even learn from previous conversations with a customer.

AI is also helping customers track ever-changing hotel tariffs and flight fares for several providers. You have smart tools available that can monitor tariffs and quickly alert you in real time if there are any hot deals on offer. Fare forecasting tools and dynamic pricing tools are also very popular these days, and you can save on a lot of money in your travels with them. At the end of the day, though, we are still at the early stages of AI implementation. The technology will keep marching onwards, and it will be interesting to see where AI in travel goes in the future. ALSO READ: 6 places in India that are strikingly similar to Game of Thrones regions

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